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I've gone by a couple of names: Liu "Lufio" Fe, the Masked Lurker, Lurker Kamen. Just call me Lufio, if you don't mind. None of these pseudonyms are my real name, of course, but "Lufio" will do for any communications concerning myself.

As for what I do... Well... I mostly lurk. Here and there. I pop up, now and then, to say something, but I mostly lurk. Hence my other nom de guerre. Got a lot of stuff to find, read, and see, you know.

In all that lurking, I've accumulated some stuff along the way. This account was created to hold on to some of it. Why waste time creating a site, when Fanfiction.Net and FictionPress.Com have pages already set up for me? Ne? Right. Maybe someday, I'll actually bother with a webpage containing my incomplete works of prose, story ideas, and outlines. But that's not today. Today, I'll just use these accounts to back up text I've written and submitted elsewhere.


  1. Still have that collection of "Guess Who" haiku that describe characters from sources ranging from Goldenboy to Sailor Moon to Ranma 1/2. Should probably post them sometime in the near future.
  2. I really should digitize that handwritten prologue to an AU Ranma 1/2 storyline based on a dreamfic originated by Phil "Serafita" Chan and post it here. Those pages of notebook paper are the only copies I have of that story.
  3. Got various Addventure episodes I've written up for a couple of those Round Robin websites. It's probably a good idea to archive them over here as well.
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