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ps2boy.zachary PM
Joined Feb '16

hate school

dont ask about top

love video games and fanfiction and yuri and futanri

like naruto twilight dragonballz devil may cry ninja gaiden resadint evil and any cross over

name zachary john mcnair

dont take story requestes so dont ask

but will send ideas for crossover if asked or able to come up with one or pick challenges

love being single

not gay before anybody askes

dont mind if people genderbend charetchters from shows

my little pony friendship is magic broney

favorite authors CJShikage Kuraekakashi VFSNAKE Dylan Millwood HaretaSora Moretsuna Sora TentailedJackalofDoom lucyqueenofthehyena ChaosMagemon hyotonuzumaki Crimson-Esper-Of-Ruin-Instinct thedarkpokemaster Phantom Plasma Dragon Themightyshevenom13 Tatsurou

Sweetmiss2121 AutoKnight01 bcmorgan96 Nasha Rei Kun

and one dead author who died at age 24

MythrilMoth may he rest in peace



for those that do mlp stories and crossover on here they put on

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