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Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Ethnicity: Asian/Filipino

Yes I'm Asian. Filipino to be exact. I am have graduated college, BSDevCom. I love Warhammer, Star wars, Game of Thrones, and Mass Effect of course. Anime lover as well. I am trying to write a fanfic for the first time. Work may interfere with regular updates.

Eagles of Westeros will be the first of a group of fanfics centered around Jairon. Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave reviews at all times. It really helps us writers. Ingat!!

To my beloved readers: Thank you for your time. Updates on Fridays and Sundays.

To my valued reviewers: Thank you for your support.

I only own my OCs. The rest is the property of their respective companies, creators, etc. Not mine.



Eagles of Westeros

Self-insert OC into Game of Thrones. Jairon Valadous is the main character and works to utterly destroy HBO's presentation of events by forming his own house, building his own city, training roman legions and betrothing himself to Sansa Stark. If you are a Sansa hater then don't read it. First fanfic written and hopefully getting better.


Jairon Valadous series (Inspired by Illuviar's awesome dimension and story hopping character Delkatar Veil)

I hope to eventually send Jairon (me, obviously) into the universes of Mass Effect, Warhammer and Star Wars. Each dimension skip will result in massive carnage and maybe a little romance along the way as Jairon makes his mark on each and every universe.

For suggestions, ideas, praise and criticism please don't be afraid to PM me. I won't bite, much. Hehe XD

Mass Effect Forge is officially dead. I am now starting a new fanfic.

Into the Frey is a crossover between LoL and AGOT. Garen Crownguard is now a Frey.

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