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Name: You'll never know

Age: That awkward teenage year where nothing really happens except paying taxes for the first time and added pressure from collages

Gender: Female, though I have to ask, who cares?

Consider this my new, slightly more mature/weathered profile.

I'm into anime, mostly the big, never-ending action stuff, but I've seen a couple shorter ones here and there. Bleach and Naruto were my past obsessions and still hold a special place in my heart.

Big time old-style Star Wars fan, meaning the old Legends expanded universe. In other words, while good, the stuff made under Disney makes me irrationally angry.

Supernatural has stolen my heart and soul. Sam Winchester deserves better. Get Sam Winchester a f*king dog 2k18.

I've been tracking Marvel since the Avengers came out when I was 11 and my family sat down and watched everything made preceding the big mash-up of heroes. Everything.

I hate romance, absolutely can't stand it unless it's based in canon.

I don't write romance.

I mostly stick to crossovers, but I blame SPN for softening my heart for codas and one-shots.

Socially awkward, but PM me with questions anyways cause I need the practice.

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