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Hi all! I'm assuming if you've made it to my profile, you've at least read one of my fics and for that I thank you! It's always a leap of faith to create something, particularly in fandoms when people feel so connected to and protective of their faves, and sit back and wait to see how it will be received. I've loved the comments, PMs, and other connections I've made since started to write fic. I published my first fic on May 25, 2016, and since then I have had received so many reviews and kudos, faves and follows that I'm overwhelmed! I love it, so thank you!


Pillow Talk: a series of one-shots where Luke and Lorelai discuss important things after a healthy dose of smut. Chapters stand-alone but are interconnected. Updates as muse dictates.

We'll Learn To Love Each Other: novel-length pre-series fic where Luke and Lorelai meet much earlier. I have 10 chapters completed, but many more planned. This was my Nanowrimo project in 2016 and I have a lot written already! Lots of editing and massaging to make it great. I'm so excited to finally be posting it!

Soundtrack: more one-shots, loosely inspired by songs throughout the series. Now with 100% more smut. Chapters are not connected. I have ideas for more chapters but it's low on the priority scale.

Follow me on Tumblr with the same username (meags09) for updates on what I'm working on, behind the scenes, book reviews for my romance novel catnips (I have a weakness for priest romances, ha), and of course THE CURATED JAVA JUNKIE FANFICTION MASTER LIST. (You know you wanna see it now!)

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