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Hello, my name is Juliet and I am a fanfic addict. Or to be more precise I am a Sirmione addict, and I am out of completed stories to read. Please help me out by finishing your stories quickly. Please.

Yes, that is correct, I have no life without my fix of Sirius Orion Black and Hermione Jean Granger.

Can someone help out an old lady?

My thoughts on the Weasleys: Ginny is a gold-digging bint. Ron is a lazy, bigoted (just as much as Malfoy) arsehat. Percy needs to pull the stick out of his arse and then let me see what he is like before I can pass further judgment on him. I do like the twins but they are treading a thin line on whether their pranks are just funny to being bullying. I don't know Bill or Charlie to say what they are truly like. Not to the Weasley, I can't abhor Molly Weasley nee Prewett.

I understand Harry not realizing in the first year about Molly not remembering what platform the Hogwarts Express leaves from. Really, Hon? Have you sent 5 boys off to Hogwarts plus all the times you caught the damn train and you forget the platform number? I don't think so. Also, knowing that the Statute of Secrecy and you are practically screaming (with your strident voice) about muggles. Yeah, whatever.

Then you become a smothering hoyden to Harry. Berate Sirius in his own home about everything, and in Goblet of Fire, you believe that gossip-monger Rita Skeeter and turn on Hermione.


I hate stories about Hermione going back to the Marauder era, falling in love with either Sirius or Remus and then ending back in her own time only to get together with someone else, especially if that someone else is that lazy, ill-tempered slob of a git Ron Weasley. I can't see Hermione being with that arsehole after Sirius or Remus. A very good story "What If" did that, she fell in love and married Remus only to die and go back to her time becoming younger again, losing the baby she was carrying only to end up with Fred and George. Still, pisses me off (meaning I cry) when I think about that story. (As I said it is well written and very memorable).


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