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Got my start as a reader of fanfic authors such as robst, Broomstick Flyer and Chem Prof. Those authors originally got me into the Harry/Hermione pairing. Some of my other favorite pairings include: Harry/Fleur D., Harry/Tonks, Harry/Luna L and Harry/Susan B. My first story is currently Harry Potter and The Marriage(s) of a Lifetime. I plan to cover all seven years with that one. I have another storyin the works called Harry Potter and a Flower's Heart. It will be a Harry/Fleur story set in an AU 5th year and will conclude with the 7th year.

A/N: The Troll who has been banned 45 times currently known as Revving Kevin (LOLOL)

The story on this profile was stolen by a troll and plagiarizer. If you get a PM claiming I copied someone's work, block them and PM me. It looks like the troll is attempting to slander me and a few other people under the name FFN Reformer. This is the same troll with 9 accounts; including FFN Reformer, was spamming the site with nearly 86 plagiarized stories from the authors he's listed. Now the troll is using Arnie1702 account name in attempt to claim that I am an admin of TAPIR. THIS IS A LIE. This same troll was just banned recently under the name UchihaMadara1998. If you get a message or review immediately block him and PM me and the real members of TAPIR..

The admins of this site are aware that the PenName is associated with the troll as he has used that name to previously plagiarize stories with. Report the Arnie1702/Ban Cyber bullying/Doom Marine 45/FFN Visionary account. Now this same troll is calling himself Ban Cyberbullying. AGAIN the troll has changed his name to Doom Marine 45. Once more he has changed his name to FFN Visionary. Now he changed it yet again: Batman of FFN. THAN it changed to Ban Plagiarism and NO MA STORIES ALLOWED. Now it changed name to I won there is a god. And changed to NotMegamatt. Now his thing is Ban Racism where he claims megamatt09 and myself are (gasp) RACISTS! He also claims i have a group called Tapir. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Now he has cxhanged his name again to Brown Bouncer. And now he is President Trump. Now it's I want to sleep with Jennifer and then I hope everyone gangbange Jenn and now TAPIR Admin Currently Revving Kevin. What a joke. He also claims that I've created every follower, favorite and review for my story. He also claims that I created 1000s of accpounts. It's official: HE'S LOST HIS MIND. He claims in his 'story' that TAPIR got someone killed. ANOTHER BLATANT LIE. I also have proof of his shenanigans. This A/N will be taken down when the troll/plagiarizer has been dealt with.

Arnie1702/Ban Cyberbullying/Doom Marine 45/FFN Visionary/Batmam of FFN/Ban Plagiarism/I won there is a god/FFN Sheriff/NotMegamatt/NotMegamatt/Ban Racism/Brown Bouncer/President Trump/I want to sleep with Jennifer/I hope everyone gangbange Jenn/TAPIR Admin account is a troll and plagiarist who has been banned 45 times.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/10771393/

Also if any of you get a 'guest review' like this:

"Reported rule breaker. You have been found breaking of rules by TAPIR forum and you "will be mass reported by us and you will be banned. Enjoy your ban rule breaker. [Insert Name(s) Here] Admins of TAPIR forum."

Ignore it and delete it through moderation. It is from the same troll in aattempt to flame myself and the mods and posters of TAPIR

Now this troll has this on his profiles and is again attemptimg to slander my name:

"The stories on this profile was stolen by a troll and plagiarizer known as Arnie1701. If you get a PM claiming I copied someone's work, block them and PM me. And report the troll to the admins."

George ClooneyRyan Reynolds fan/Transformer656 (FFNID 10781883)

Harrison Ford 1/John Cusack 1/George Bush /Stan Kroenke/SkyScrapr (FFNID 10778746)

Love Nicolas Cage /Richard Gere/Prince William of Britain/ Axe121

(FFNID 10774913)

Rorian44/drayne03 (FFNID 10814936)

These accounts are all sock puippets of the TRUE troll:

NotMegamatt/Ban Racism/Brown Bouncer/President Trump/I want to sleep with Jennifer/I hope everyone gangbange Jenn/TAPIR Admin/farewell ffn/No more farewell/EvilPerson112/Revving Kevin (FFNID 10771393)

For more info go here and here.


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