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Lancelot Du Loc PM
Joined Feb '16

Hey there! Name's Lancelot Du Loc!

Age: 20

gender: male

Sexual orientation: straight as a submarine

Religion: Latter-Day Saint (Mormon)

Occupation: n/a

Loves: Fairy Tail, RWBY, Hellsing, Fate, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Highschool DxD

Hates: Harems (ironic, ain't it?), people who bitch about continuity when the author CLEARLY EXPLAINS any changes made for the story, slash (again, ironic since I ship WhiteRose), character bashing of any kind (it's a stupid, unoriginal gimmick that is just the author being a follower, or someone that completely misses the point of the character), and when there are less words than there are chapters.


fetishes: BDSM (80% dom, 20% sub), elves, ringgags, anal, redhead

turn-offs: pregnant (only cuz I'm scared of harming the baby), feet, scat, major piercings (like ear gauges and nose rings, earrings and nipple piercings are fine), milfs (I'm intimidated by older women), rape scenarios, gangbangs/orgies, and breasts larger than D-Cup.

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