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A Reader and Reviewer since February 2016 who was a Silent Reader since 2014. First Profile since 2018 and I’m embarrassed about it. So it’s time to take it to the English level from now on. Anyway, here’s my profile:


Nama: Rosy Miranto (it’s derived from my full name, but I wouldn’t reveal it in full this time)

Nickname: Rosyad/Rosy (Please do not refer to me as Rossi, please)

Birth: Surabaya, June 18th

Gender: Male, I repeat, I’m not a woman.

Hobby: Playing video games on PC, Reading Fanfics, as well as making and finishing personal projects, usually related to fanfics I’m involving in.

Status: Waiting for my graduation whenever the Corona is gone.

Additional Notes:

-Quite active as a reader and an avid reviewer. Routinely check my usual fandoms every morning for a new read, but I have my Long Fic list to read as well. Been less spend time reading long fics, however, due to watching YouTube and so on.

-Used to read Humor and Parody all the time, but the genre is now more varied with focused on specific plots. I avoid Yaoi, however.

-But despite my myriad of ideas, I seldom actually write a Fanfic, much less publish it here.

-Had a habit to save HTML and PDFs to save it Online, but now I rely on Fanfiction App’s Offline Reading feature nowadays.

-Referencing other fanworks including my own OCs in some reviews.

-Old review style consists of having my OCs doing it for me, but now my preferred format is to have a detailed review with an index, pointing out every detail that I could.

-Have a habit to refer to Japanese characters in Eastern order (Surname first, Given Name last). Be careful if you get confused.

-A bit more tolerant towards OCXCanon ships in recent times. NatsukoXKen is the most notable.

-Within my writing skills, Romance is not my strong suit.

-Lacked the commitment to write a long fanfiction myself, but I’m committed to reading it.

-Personal Catchphrase

1. See You Later and Keep Update! (Always been on the end of my reviews)

2. Too true… Too true… (Shared by Shiba Takeuchi/Sima Zhunei)

3. Umashika (Shared by Shiba Hanashi/Sima Huasi)

4. “if X, then fine. (Shared by Li Yingqi, but I don’t use it as much)

5. And some other stuff I can’t remember


Foods: Nasi Goreng, Pizza, Hamburger, Noodles, Bakso/Meatballs. Iced Tea, Iced Water, Sprite, Milo Milk.

Tv Shows: Master Chef, MotoGP, Formula 1, Ninja Warrior/SASUKE, Takeshi’s Castle, SpongeBob (especially the first three Seasons), Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean, On The Spot, TV Champion, Top Gear, Running Man, Avatar the Last Airbender, RWBY (since they’re not an Anime)

Anime: Naruto, Eyeshield 21, Hetalia: Axis-Powers, Gintama, Fate Series, Hamefura, Your Name.

Video Game: Grand Theft Auto, Need For Speed, Bully, Red Dead Redemption, Kingdom Hearts, Tales Series, Midnight Club, The Sims 3, Sengoku Basara, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Juiced, Persona Series, Legend of Heroes/Trails, Tokyo Xanadu, Lego City Undercover, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Minecraft

Movies: Rush, Ford VS Ferrari, Fast and Furious, Cars, Kungfu Panda.

Cars: Nissan GT-R, Porsche Carrera GT, Lexus LF-A, Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Chiron, 2017 Ford GT, Audi S5, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

Song: Butterflies and Hurricane by Muse, Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974, Zoom by Last Dinosaur, Going Down On It by Hot Action Cop, Story With unhappy Endings by Hundred Reasons, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

BGMs: Sengoku Basara, NFS The Run, Dynasty Warriors, NFS Most Wanted, Persona Series, Legend of Heroes, Fire Emblem.

YouTuber: Bladed Angel, Broughy1322, Chain Bear, DarkViperAU, Geography Now, Grian, Gtamen, Kagato the Final Boss, KuruHS, Mumbo Jumbo, NicoB, Oziach, PewDiePie, Ravenwest R1, RealLifeLore, Swegta, so many others.

Fanfiction and Author: They’re down below.

Hateful Things: SOAP OPERAS, Dangdut, Spicy Food, and waiting with no clear ending.


Now the design is a Rinmaru image of Shiba Takeuchi and Tano Gisei, the ultimate OTP of my OCs here. This is a permanent fixture, however, since I feel that this is the perfect Fanfiction Profile for me.


I have so many OCs, reaching the 240 OCs Barrier. As such, I can’t mention everyone one by one, but instead, I’ll send you a link to my OC Lists to keep you up to date. Instead, I only mention the most notable ones later. But before that, my story is overall divided into four Universes.

You can check the full list of OCs here: https:// drive . google . com/file/d/0B_BCWzefTDoRVzRxVlNHc3dWa0E/view?usp=sharing

1. Need for Speed Velocity (Genre: Adventure, Crime)

This fic is basically a Sequel of all NFS. It’s mostly in the Blackbox Era, but there are some scenarios involving The Run, 2015 Cast, and possibly Payback and Heat as well. This story revolved around Ryan Cooper who once again, climbed an uphill battle to be the best racer in the Capital of Street Racing, New Leicester. Accompanied by the mysterious Michelle Naomi. All previous NFS Characters will appear at least once. Some old character has their role expanded, but a lot of them are demoted to extra. It also includes a lot of OCs too.

2. Sengoku Basara Ultimate (Genre: General)

Expansion of Sengoku Basara. With all established characters in addition to many historical characters that didn’t playable, including Nene, and also a lot of OCs. There’s no common plot here, however, because stories are different on each character.

3. Light of Peace (Dynasty Warriors (Genre: Adventure, Friendship)

An alternate story in the Three Kingdoms, where Lu Bu failed to kill Dong Zhuo and ends up conquering Xiapi. The Three Kingdoms have been established accompanied by Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, Jin (which is just a Client State of Wei), Nanman, Dong Zhuo, and Xiliang. The only people who have died are He Jin and Zhang Rang. However, the main protagonist is Zhu Ming, a Wu Governor in the Nanhai region who tried to make a peace of China without bloodshed nor conquest. One of the only fully established universes for Dynasty Warrior Empires.

4. Persona Long United Must Divide (Genre: Friendship, Drama)

Initially, a Side Story to complement I Don’t Belong Here from Takeuchi’s perspective. This has become my staple of Persona-verse. This includes alternate versions, timelines, and adjustments depending on the story the OC is featured in, but the main Canon line is still the IDBH (except the part where the P5 cast is in 2016 instead of 2012 like IDBH). Initially only set between March 2010 to January 2012, this has expanded to 2021 of OLP, or even the Next-Gen Project, Sonata, featuring Takeuchi, Tomoya, and Aki’s children. Some OCs who were from the NFS or DW/SB stories also have their counterparts here, which makes it the Melting Pot of all of my Stories.

OC Appearances

Here are my OCs who appeared in proper Fanfictions. Please support them by reading and especially review them. They definitely need it.

1. Persona I Don’t Belong Here. (Main Characters: Shiba Takeuchi, Tano Gisei, Kimura Aki, Agatha)


OC Featured: Agatha, Takeba Aoi, Aretha Parris, Higashikuni Hinaki, Hikari Sora, Honda Kuroshio, Hoshidou Sagi, Katou Katsuya, Kimura Aki, Thea Olympia, Kimura Haruka, Kimura Natsuko, Kuujou Alexandre, Tano Gisei, Eshigawa Riku, Maeda Kiyoshi, Makidou Konan, Midoriyama Amaya, Minamata Yamaiko, Miura Yoshizawa, Nagano Umi, Reiki Asuka, Saika Kawahime, Saitou Daijirou, Shimizu Kazada, Shion Tomoya, Shiba Takeuchi, Takeda Nobuyochi, Tanie Yoshimitsu, Tomochika Shiori, Tomonori Ueda, Yoshida Takahashi

2. Persona Another Thief (Main Characters: Higashikuni Hinaki, Takeba Aoi, Yanagishita Hajime)


OC Featured: Takeba Aoi, Higashikuni Hinaki, Honda Kuroshio, Hoshidou Sagi, Makidou Konan, Ubukata Yoruha, Yanagishita Hajime, Yoshida Takahashi

3. Persona One Last Promise (Focus: Iselin Bjorn)


OC Featured: Amenogawa Shirou, Filipe Armeiro-Ferreira, Iselin Bjorn

4. Garuchan Squad (Lost Saga)


OC Featured: Aries Williams, Edgar Van Enzo, Enara Kaksisataa, Felicienne Caesaris, Hans Petrel Verdengaard, Iselin Bjorn, Kimura Aki, Shiba Takeuchi, Stephen Helsinki, Tanya Hendrisson, Vihelm Hjortporten

5. Persona Paranormal Revamp (Focus: Ayu Wananingsih)


OC Featured: Ayu Wananingsih, Tachibana Rikka (possibly Old Version only)

6. Persona Ethereal Innocence


OC Featured: Ayu Wananingsih, Puspa Kurniawati

7. Black Blossom Shine (Dynasty Warriors. Focus: Li Yingqi, Cao Tun)


OC Featured: Cao Fenghuang, Cao Tun/He Taiyang, Li Yingqi, Li Joule

8. Persona Shadow Hunters (Focus: Takeda Shinsuke)


OC Featured: Kuujou Alexandre, Tano Gisei, Shiba Takeuchi, Takeda Shinsuke, Yamazaki Suzuka

9. Codename Songbird (Persona)


OC Featured: Makidou Konan

10. Persona Royal


OC Featured: Yanagishita Hajime

Other Major Personal Projects:

Angel of Justice (Persona): Ayu Wananingsih, Izuna Shigeaki, Kuujou Alexandre, Yamazaki Suzuka

Fate/Winter Seraph: Hubert El-Melloi Archisorte, Isolde Sith Leannan

Sonata (Persona): Kimura Haruto, Kimura Touji, Shiba Ryoumi, Shiba “Xiong” Yukado, Shion Kamiya

Shadow Files (Persona): Ayu Wananingsih, Kuujou Alexandre


You can contact me at the following places:

AO3: https:// archiveofourown . org/users/RosyMiranto18

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Rosy-Miranto/100012846788733

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RosyMiranto18

Blog: https:// rosymiranto . home . blog/

Discord: RosyMiranto18#0618

And so, here's the end of my very long profile. Further contact can be done at PM or at any of the Social Media above. This is especially concerning if you borrow an OC of mine, in which that i might have to share my Email Address as well. Thank you very much for the attention!

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