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Himegoto-chan PM
Joined Feb '16

Hiya! Welcome to my profile!! I don't really have any story's to share but if i ever write some i will be sure to share them!! If ya wanna know a bit about me anyways here some basic information! if something is missing just message me and i will be sure to add it!!

Name: Hime-chan~ Sorry real name is not allowed on the internet ;~;

Age: Old enough

Gender: Attack helicopter

Favorite Novels: Harry potter, LOTR

Favorite manga: 1/2 Prince, Himegoto

Favorite anime: Himegoto, Seto no hanayome, Konosuba!

Favorite games: DDLC, Skyrim, Bayonetta

Favorite color: Pink!

Relationship status: Why do you need to know?

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