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RedCide47 PM
Joined Feb '16

Personal Profile

Age: 21

I've been on this site since Feb 2016. I lurk

Writing Profile

-Trudging On. A Fahrenheit 451 story. (Completed)

-The Butterfly Effect. A Naruto story. (In progress) Forgive me for not updating. Lack of motivation. Also, want to rewatch, and finish Naruto for the first time.

Other stuff:

-I haven't met the requirements to be a beta but I still do occasionally help out writers w/ ideas, suggestions, and corrections.

-I don't always review but when I do, I am always positive as well as polite. And if you haven't noticed I always give thanks to the authors.

Naruto Pairings

Naruto/FemSasuke - My OTP Perfect...enough said

Naruto/Kurotsuchi - This pairing gives a Romeo Juliet feeling which is gold

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