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"A lady does not start fights, but she can finish them"

I apologize for any and all hiatuses. I also write fantasy and value that a bit more (my editor reads books and threatens to spoil them if I don't meet my deadlines), so hiatuses are because of my fantasy writing. I'm also much more used to my style of fantasy than fanfiction, so if any characters seem too OOC and whatever again blame my other writing.

Some information about me:

I am a proud Slytherin Horned Serpent, Ilvermorny class of 2021, activist, writer, reader, swimmer, and lover of all things fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi. Anyways, I'm very passionate about my beliefs and my fandoms, which you can see below.

Some favorites of mine:

Books~ Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit, Rick Riordan (including PJO, HoO, Magnus Chase, Kane Chronicles, etc.), Cassandra Clare (including TMI, TID, TDA, etc.), Chronicles of Narnia, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.

TV Shows~ Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, Death In Paradise, Emerald City, Shadowhunters, Rise

Movies~ Marvel, Star Wars, Jurassic Park - If there's a movie for a book, I like it. Except Percy Jackson.

Musicals~ Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked

Music/Bands~ Imagine Dragons, Snow Patrol, Frightened Rabbit, Coldplay, Mumford Sons, P!ATD, Halsey

Activities~ swimming, reading, writing, fangirling

Ships~ I ship a LOT of stuff~ absolute OTPs are Malec (Mortal Instruments), Percabeth (Percy Jackson), and so much more

New Updating Schedule:

Harry Potter one-shots/The Weasley Clan: Sundays starting whenever I stop being lazy.

The Dark Lord Does Not Remember: Wednesdays starting 10/11

If you'd like to discuss any of the fandoms listed above or anything else in particular, my PMs are always open. :)

If anyone is as bored as I am and reads profiles for fun, I hope you're happy, thanks for reading to the bottom of my profile if you did, if not thanks for giving it a look!

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