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Hello all! Welcome to my little profile page. I recommend you skip over and read a story instead as I'm fairly certain it'll be more interesting to you.

Only one story is currently being updated, that being Exiled Intent. The others are on what is probably, considering it's been years now, a permanent hiatus. Most of the old stuff was written in my college days or shortly thereafter. It's been a while.

At the moment my fan life is pretty dedicated to League of Legends, my otp being LuluxVeigar. If, you know, that wasn't obvious considering the one story I'm working on.

There will always be a special place in my heart for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I roleplayed it for years. It was pretty much my full time job. Also Zutara.

Please check out my deviantArt page for recent sketches and a ton of terrible old work courtesy of my college days. If you're here for Exiled Intent, you probably should actually check it out as I have one sketch posted and will probably be doing more. Especially if there's encouragement. I may even post my Lulu cosplay up there sometime if you all are interested.

I like reviews. I like responding to reviews. So sign in and review if you want to motivate me to write faster. It works, I promise.

If there's one thing I love more than anything it's characters. Making characters. Writing characters. Drawing characters. Becoming characters. To me, that is what writing is about and always has been. I hope I can bring to life some of the imaginary people living in my head. There are quite a few.

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