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Hello Readers/Reviewers!

Hopefully you will read and review all my stories. This penname is totally devoted to Teen Titans. For other stories including Star Wars or Harry Potter (those will come out in October or November) my other penname is Arya Shadeslayer.

I have a few more things to say...

There are these great sites my good friends JesFriendMagnet and DarkSideofBlue, whom you all know, showed me! They are awesome and totally devoted to Rae/BB. Check them out!

http://" target="new"http://
By JesFriendMagnet


http://" target="new"http://
By DarkSideofBlue

Well I hope you enjoy everything I write!


RavennBeastboy (only one author!)


You're Not Alone (Still Working On)

Unknown Title (Coming To A Computer Near You)- Beastboy has been having nightmares about the Beast inside him being released. He runs awayto protect his friends. However they are unwilling to give up on him and go after him.

I'm planning to work on one story at a time. Once I'm done with You're Not Alone, I'll post up the next one. I'm alreadystarting with the Unknown Title(I stillcan't think of a title). I'll also post some one-shots. hehehe... hope you guys have fun reading!

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