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Well I'm making a C2 Archive if anyone would like to contribute or help out please send me an email saying so or with a story you would like me to post.

I know if people actually read these things they are probably saying "Why in the nine hells haven't you written a story?". Well to be honest with eveyrbody I'm not much of a writer. Anywho I have nothing else to add have a nice day...

Favorite Ships: I tend to lean toward no shipping but sometimes I like to see a little R/Hr,I don't really mindHonks fics(for those of you out there who are like "What in the world is he talking about." Harry/Tonks) I'm a huge fan of L/J I read a story a long time ago it was actually the very first Harry Potter fanfic I ever read and I'm trying to find it again it's a Post Hogwarts story set in James and Lily's 5th year I think, well it continues up untill Sirus dies actually Sirus has a fiancee and has a son with her. so when he gets put in Azkaban she stays with Aberforth (Dumbledores brother). I can't remember if it's on or if anyone has any idea of the fic I'm talking about send me an email.

Hated Ships: Bahhh I can't stand H/G (ducks flying fruit from HG shippers out there) Everywhere you tun there's 50 more HG fics out there at first I was alright with it but COME ON PEOPLE it's a little played out.
Slash...As a STRAIGHT male I find it prettygrossto see or in this case read about two men go at it. I'm not a big fan on H/Hr either,

Where I'm from: Atlanta, Georgia
Hobbies: I enjoy reading fanfiction, playing guitar, listening to music, and playing videogames. Unfortunately in that order

Favorite type of fanfiction: Well, I have a few types I can list here. Harry goes back to MWPP Era, but they don't know it's him. Harry Potter with super powers BUT gotta make sure I throw in that but there, he has to work for them. I'm not too fond of the harry gets super powers overnight and can destroy voldemort with no problem. Last but not least I enjoy Dark Harry but light sided.

Yahoo: (Althoughmy yahoo doesn't work at this time)
Msn: (I don't get on it too often)

News: I've made a new account with a new C2 so if you're a subscriber to it please make sure you check that out... It wil feature the stories I have on this C2

If anybody would like someone to Beta Read their stories for them I would be more then happy to do so Just Email me or ask me on Aim, Yahoo, or Msn

It is currently 5:19 am and my battery is running low. If you have sat through all my musings as pointless blabbering I commend you hats off and all that jazz


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