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Hello Hello! Welcome to my profile!

If you even bothered to check out my page, then this is all you really need to know about little ole' me.

Ethnicity: White

Height: 6'6

Weight: 200 lbs

Gender: Male

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown.

Appearance: Imagine Peter Parker, but the only benefit he got from being bit by the spider was another foot in height.

Home: Good Ol' colorful Colorado in the U.S.A


Movies: Action movies are my jam. Comedies too. Action comedy movies are even better. I'm a fan of the John Wick franchise, Any movie made by Edgar Wright, And almost every movie in the MCU up to Infinity War. After that?... Eh, it's all hit or miss... mostly misses, though.

Videogames: I like most Bethesda RPGs. I've gotten every Achievement in Skyrim, Beat Fallout 4 7 times, and frequently go back to Fallout New Vegas just for the story. I can't use mods, since I'm a console peasant, but still.

Food: I'll try anything at least once

My dogs.


American Politics in general. The stuff is just flat-out depressing.

Global Warming.


Springtime allergies.

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