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I stopped writing Fan Fic due to lack of time and motivation I may someday get back into writing but it is somewhat unlikely at this time.

Harry Potter:

Harry/Hermione(Dang girl I know your British but shave them pits :))

Yep I just dont see Ginny as anything more than an afterthought by JKR. R/Hr just seems like a stupid idea IMHO.

BumleDore Is even more pathetic. IMO the canon Dumbledore is a good guy it's just he is so overworked doing three Full time jobs and then (eventually) running a vigilante group he's spread so thin he just goes with what he thinks is right Never going back and seeing if he needs to fix a mistake. Thus explaining the Dursley's.

The Great Molly conspiracy: IMO Molly was semi speaking to herself. She goes to 9 3/4 a couple times a year and its in an environment she's really not comfortable with and IMO she was actually trying to teach Ginny/Ron and because she was uncomfortable she let her voice carry.

All in all JKR didn't intend for her story to be subjected to such scrutiny and the world setting suffers because of it. Up to GoF she really didn't realize the magnitude of her success and so she didn't get things fully thought out.

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