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Gender: Not stating (for safety reasons)

Age: over 13

Current Education: high school.

Family: Mom, Dad, Brother

Interests: saanaa~

Last Movie I Saw: Run Fat Boy, Run

Grade point average: 4.0

Friends: a lot.

Movie I want to watch:ehh. not interested in anything right now. (:

Stories I have authored that I haven't posted on FF: LOOK DOWN THERE.

Martial Status: SINGLE!! :D

Ethnicity: Asian

Born: Honolulu, Havvaii!

Hobbies: lots.

Am I pessimistic or optimistic: slightly both.

Attitude or Drama: hahah. i'm dramatic.

Occupation: ehh. soon.

Home: I live with my parents. I'm still young.

AIM: Umm, email me. If I think you meet my requirements, sure. I might give it to you. NOTE: I know who is a liar and who isn't.

EMAIL: kagomehishamaru@

Japanese name: Aya.

Where I live: Why would anyone care where I lived?

Am I married: Of course. haha. not that way. Just really close with a certain person that lives on the otherside of the world. haha. (Oh, but i have lovers...giggles)

OK. I just realized, I haven't been updating for like... two years. I'm currently a sophomore in high school. It's gonna be real hard to get things updated asap. I'll try to do one story every weekend. I'll be writing tonight. (: So sorry everyone! D:

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