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Joined Feb '05

Location: USA, Colorado, Rocky Mountains

Hobbies: Writing, Anime, Reading; things which capture my interest & I really have an interest in science and science-fiction but I also like Arts. Have an interest in cultures but don't like Archaeology personally, I like history; more interested in European History, World History- and am basically to my friends and family "a walking encyclopedia"

I believe that knowledge and learning are what present purpose. Personally I love to expand my own reason to exist.

If the big bang theory stems fact: then why can't a mini nova exist inside each of us? One which drives us to want to keep learning and keep expanding who we are.

I'm a Harmonist, I believe in positive and negative, Yin & Yang, bad moments and good define our character (though most events are brought on by our own choices) I believe there is a force that guides the flow of life's adventures.

Through personal learning I strive to change...

Our concepts and expanding interests navigate our life, day to day happenings which motivate me make me want something more, else we stick with a comfortable happy spot, we never move.

So I believe that it is our curiosity which is true spark for life forward motion. As the Matrix was fond of 'it's the question which drives us'

Fan fiction is as true to that curiosity. It's a writers demand "what if"

As I've see and as I've read some really wonderful things since joining this site...I too have been inspired to ask the "what if" beyond question. To carrying-on a search for things which interest me.

Meet a lot of cool folks. [see my Favorites list]

Why did I start writing?

- because I will never lack imagination and love creative fantasy. I like to write; love to share those ideas or thought with others, and what sparks enthusiasm creates a desire to share. I encourage everyone "never cease jotting down thoughts." "Never stop speaking about what is enthusiastic to you.

Believe that what you share does matter!

Great artists must be recognized for their accomplishments...just take a look from L.J. Smith and her Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle series. I read those when they first published loved them and now years later they are finally getting their acknowledgement (TV spots) but what grants' writers success is that they didn't quite. Stick with it and aim to share your works; imagine it can happen, and because they shared them we now have things to read, now can enjoy over and over it again.

Can't read what is not accessible to find!

And if you’re like me...you're very disappointed when you find a story that's great and won’t ever be completed.

Check out my Favorite's Stories and Authors- these are the ones I wish to share which I found to be of interest and recognize thus far...

Accompaniment for my Story Cat & Mouse

http:///story.php?no=33002 Story by Adult Fan Fiction Author Amora Laflour, Title: Forever, Fornever {Slade and Robin, in Batman Beyond Time Line} which matches my Cat and Mouse story - had I perhaps carried it into that time lines future, but without any slash infer.

Recent Update: 11/05/2014

I've taken down my unfinished stories:

-Teen Titan's Reversal Series- Story will be continued, I am revising it and working to post a complete version.

-Star Wars: Balance in the Force- Story will be continued, I am revising it and working to post it in whole/complete form.

1) New Stories being worked up and I will eventually post:

-Star Wars


-Batman/YJ/Teen Titans

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