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Hi! Shunakoo25 here!

thanks for viewing!

I am not much of a writer but I at least want to try. Reading the fanfiction is fun and exciting since you can picture out the events of the stories, but there's a part of you or at least me that it happen differently.

You see the more I read the more I imagine it, and when I imagine it more I create one plot myself.

I create questions in my head of, if's and hows, when and whats.

So I start writing.

It hard thou since English isn't my first language.

The thoughts are there, but I cannot put it properly on words.

So instead I tried to write. I maybe not good since I got a review to have a proofread, but I said I'll try it on my own.

It'll also be a practice for me to form at least decent grammar and phrase.

Also the idea of making it, going on the events you like on your own way, makes your own self satisfied.

So I'm trying to do my own story for a change.

There's nothing to loose anyway and you had your own fun on the story. I at least try even though the favorites, followers and reviews are not good and not many it's okay since, at least you do it your own way and do the scenarios the way you like it.



LIKE: Drama, Comedy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance and Yaoi :)

HOBBIES: Mostly reading.

Animes: Many to name, but I mostly read fanfictions stories like - Fairy Tail, Naruto( NARUxSASU) Ghost Hunt, Eye Shield, Alice Academy,Bleach others that might caught my interest.


FOOD: Steak, Cakes, Chocolate, Chocolate milk, Tea with milk, Lasagna, and anything sweet.

Status: Single

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