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My entire life was been in a crazed mode officially i lost someone close to me and that was my brother my twin brother Henry.We were close as siblings but sooner instead of letting himself to go to the Military school at the age of 4 or 5 i voluntered to go his place.During my stay on the military academy i was shot by an unknown person believing to be that i was dead until i was hit by a strange lightning until i opened my eyes again.I returned home feeling different but within sooner something strange had change inside of me.I had insomia effect,sense something wrong afar and gradually i saw something that normal humans couldn't see.But change different when my brother was murdered and i was deppressed of losing someone i promised that i will protect the ones whom i care.And to honor my brothers memory i have to become something else.

Name:Alexandra Juvy Carina Rose Wayne Cabueños


Also known as:Alex Wayne,Black Rideress,Juvy Cabueños Rideress,Dark Huntress,Third Heir.Tar-el-sa-ghul.

Likes:I like martial arts and streetfights even a lot of weapons from the Military

Dislikes:I don't like bad people and i hate corrupt people

Motto:Its not who am i underneath but what i do is to define something.

Always mind your surrondings.

I am what i have to be.

Favorite pairings:

Tekken:Kazuya and Jun

Jin and Lili

Steve and Xiayou.

Nina and Anna.

Hwoarang and Chloe

Lars and Alisa

Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu

Batman:Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

Harry Potter:Harry and Pansy

Draco and Hermione

Ron and Daphne.

Luna and Blaise.

Theo and Lavender

The Flash:Barry and Caitlin

Arrow: Oliver and Felicity

Sara and Oliver

Sara and Ray

Laurel and Ray.

Roy and Thea.

Quintin and Donna

Lucifer: Lucifer and Chloe

Pretty little liars :Spencer and Toby

Hanna and Caleb

Jason and Mona

Aria and Ezra.

Safe:Luke and Mei.

Tears to Tiara: Arthur and Octavia.

Power Rangers:All

Tales of the Abyss:Luke and Tear

Fairy tail :Lucy and Gray

Teen wolf :Stiles and Lydia

Scott and Malia

Supernatural:Dean and Jo

Sam and Ruby

John and Mary.

The covenant:Sara and Caleb

Kate and Poug

Tyler and Reid.

Percy Jackson and Olypians:Percy and Annabeth

There are times that i love Dumbledore,Ron,Ginny bashing along with the others but in reality...i still the stories that i ever read.

And several stories that i'm going to make also i created the Dark Huntress here because back at people center library.I heard that Dark Huntress arrived on Everytimeline lately which is going to be says that legend of the Dark Huntress that she was Heaven and Hell 's guardian,she hunts the bad and save the good ones but the library says that Dark Huntress disappeared for many years and many of them believed her and she did appeared on everyplace she was.And i'll put her on the story because the Dark has its limitness.

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