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A/N: Please note, I've been away from FF for a long time and this profile is now quite outdated. Not sure if I have the energy to update it, so it is what it is. Thanks.


Personal Information

Name: Stick with Strata

Age: Adult

Little Reminder

If you read it, review it. Every author here, regardless of skill, aim, story type, or grammar is looking for feedback from his or her works. If you like it, tell them why. If you don't like it, tell them why. And no author is looking for flamers to drop them a pointless 'u suck' review. If you believe in these tenets, copy and paste it into your profile. Spread the love. Spread the reviews. (Taken from CSS.Stravag's Profile) Thanks!

Side Notes

The character(s) Amara and Reiven belong to Death-Scimitar.

All of my stories have original characters as the heroes. I have yet to write a story where I don't have one mostly because I'm afraid of messing up the real characters' personalities and whatnot. I tend to really like this style of writing, but if it isn't your "cup 'o tea" that's alright, I just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Also concerning those original characters, I like to use the same kind of person. What I mean by that is that each of the heroines in my stories has some of the same characteristics and looks. I don't know of anyone besides Death-Scimitar that has read all my stories so I haven't heard of it being a problem. This is just another heads up.

Six-Word Phrases

One time in class, my professor pulled out this neat idea. It was to create an entire thought or phrase in just six words. At first it sounded easy, but as I was trying to jot some down, I realized that it's not so simple after all. I looked at some examples and even some that my other classmates made and I was amazed. They ranged from witty to depressed, but none of them were terrible in the least. Since then I've come up with a few and thought I'd share them with you.

Peace is hope. War is reality.

Hole in heart, looking for plug.

Dragon vs. knight. Love 'em charred!

Patience is a virtue. Oh well.

War is not heroic. It's hell.

Write a lot? Coffee's your friend.

Questions need answers. Answers deserve questions.

Adult in mind; kid at heart.

Live some. Dream a lot more.

He's out there somewhere. But where?

Distraction has two meanings… Ooh! Puppy!

Life’s a bitch. Get a dog.

You’re screwed. Any questions? Oh good.

Sometimes curiosity should just remain curiosity.

Knock ‘em down. Hit ‘em again.

Broken heart? Best friend has glue.

Live to tell tales. Bad ones.

Simulations; gotta love burning brain calories.

Four guys; four part harmony. Sexy.

"Wing it" is a good strategy.

Life is exhausting. Naps are recommended.

Okay, this one I can't take credit for (and it's 7 words instead of 6) because it's actually on a T-shirt I have. I just found it terribly amusing.

"Lost in thought. Please send search party."


Pairs (Alphabetical order. Anime, Books, Games)

Baccano!: Chane and Claire, Ennis and Firo, Lua and Ladd, Miria and Isaac, Nice and Jacuzzi, Sylvie and Elmer

Beyblade: Hillary and Tyson (Yaoi) Rei and Kai

Black Cat: Echidna and Creed, Eve and Leon, Kyoko and Charden, Rinslet and Jenos, Saya and Train

Code Geass: Callen and (either) Suzaku or LeLouche, CC and LeLouche, Euphie and Suzaku (Yaoi) Gino and Suzuka, Suzuka and LeLouche

Darker Than Black: Misaki and Hei, Mayu Otsuka and Yutaka Kono

Digimon: Kari and TK, Mimi and Joe, Sora and Matt (Yaoi) Tai and Matt

DNAngel: Amiko and Kosuke, Riku and Daisuke, Risa and Satoshi

Dragonball Z: Bulma and Vegeta, Chi-Chi and Goku, 18 and Krillin, Videl and Gohan

Escaflowne: Hitomi and Vaan

Es Otherwise: Asuka and Kai, Maria and Yuuki

Eureka Seven: Talho and Holland, Eureka and Renton, Hilda and Matthieu, Gidget and Moondoggie, Anemone and Dominic, Ray and Charles, Sakuya and Norb, Mischa and Greg

Fruits Basket: Kana and Hatori, Kisa and Hiro, Rin and Haru, Tohru and Kyo

Fullmetal Alchemist: Hawkeye and Roy, Winry and Ed

Fushigi Yuugi: Miaka and Tamahome, Soi and Nakago

Gravitation: (Yaoi) Ryuichi and Toma, Suichi and Yuki

Gundam 00: Sumeragi and Billy, Marie and Allelujah, Kati and Patrick, Marina and Setsuna (Yaoi) Lockon and Allelujah, Lockon and Tieria, Allelujah and Tieria, Lockon and Graham, Ali Al-Sanchez and Setsuna

Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny: Cagalli and Athrun, Galdys and Durandal, Lacus and Kira, Miriallia and Dearka, Murrue and Mu, Stella and Shinn (Yaoi) Athrun and Dearka, Athrun and Durandal, Athrun and Heine, Athrun and Kira, Athrun and Shinn, Athrun and Yzak, Dearka and Yzak, Mu and Kira, Shinn and Yzak

Gundam Wing: Hilde and Duo, Noin and Zechs, Relena and Quatre, Sally and Wufei, Lady Une and Treize (Yaoi) Duo and Heero, Quatre and Trowa

InuYasha: Kagome and InuYasha, Rin and Kohaku, Sango and Miroku

Kodocha: Asako and Rei, Sana and Akito

Loveless: (Yaoi) Kio and Soubi, Ritsuka and Soubi

Magic Knight Rayearth: Caldina and Lafarga, Fuu and Ferio, Hikaru and Lantis, Presea and Clef, Umi and Ascot

Naruto: Hinata and Naruto, Kuranai and Asuma, Sakura and Lee, Tamari and Shikamaru

Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi and Tamaki (Yaoi) Hikaru and Kaoru, Tamaki and Kyouya

Sailor Moon: Serena and Darien

s-CRY-ed: Kaname and Kazuma, Mimori and Cougar

Shaman King: Anna and Yoh

Spiral: Ryoko and Kosuke, Hiyono and Ayumu, Madoka and Kiyotaka

Tenchi Muyo: Ryoko and Tenchi

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle: Sakura and Sayoran (Yaoi) Fai and Kurogane

Trigun: Milly and Wolfwood, Meryl and Vash

Vampire Knight: Rima and Shiki, Ruka and Cain, Yuki and Kaname (Yaoi) Cain and Idol, Ichijo and Kaname, Ichijo and Shiki

Utawarerumono: Eruru and Hakuoro, Karura and Kurou

Wolf's Rain: Blue and Hige, Cher and Hubb (Yaoi) Kiba and Tsume

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kayko and Yusuke, (Yaoi) Kurama and Hiei

Dragon Knights: Cesia and Rath, Raseleane and Lykouleon

Laurell K. Hamilton: Anita and Jean Claude, Anita and Mika

R.A. Salvatore: Catti-brie and Wulfgar

Tamora Pierce: Alanna and George, Aly and Nawat, Buri and Raoul, Daine and Numair, Thayet and Johnathan

Final Fantasy VII: Aerith and Zack, Elena and Tseng, Lucretia and Vincent, Tifa and Cloud (Yaoi) Cloud and Sephiroth, Cloud and Zack, Reno and Rude, Vincent and Cid, Vincent and Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII: Edea and Cid, Raine and Laguna, Rinoa and Squall, Selphie and Irvine

Final Fantasy IX: Beatrix and Steiner, Garnet and Zidane

Final Fantasy X: LuLu and Wakka, Yuna and Tidus

Final Fantasy XII: Ashe and Rasler, Fran and Balthier, Penelo and Larsa, Penelo and Vaan (Yaoi) Balthier and Basch, Balthier and Larsa, Basch and Vossler, Noah and Basch

Kingdom Hearts: Kairi and Sora (Yaoi) Leon and Cloud, Axel and Roxas

Other Anime/Manga (Not mentioned above. Alphabetical order): .hack//Sign, Alice 19th, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Aquarion, Bakuman, Black Butler, Blassreiter, Bleach, Blue Submarine No. 6, Bus Gamer, Crest of the Stars, Darker than Black, Death Note, 8th MS Team, Elfin Lied, Fafner, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Giant Killing, Hellsing, Hetalia, Howl's Moving Castle, Infinite Ryvius, Junjo Romantica, Juvenille Orion, Kateikoushi Hitman Reborn, Kiddy Grade, Kyo Kara Moah, Love Hina, Lyrics of the Heart, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya, Millennium Snow, Orphan, Outlaw Star, Pandora Hearts, Princess Mononoke, Record of Lodoss War, RG Veda, Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Samurai Champloo, Shana, Silent Mobius, Special A, Spice and Wolf, Togainu no Chi, X, Yu-Gi-Oh, Wild Adapter, xxxHolic, Zoids

Games: .Hack, Chrono Cross, Dark Alliance, Final Fantasy 6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII, FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts I and II, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Neverwinter Nights, Star Ocean III, Soul Caliber, Spyro (Yes... I do. They're very addicting)

Ships/Automobiles: Ragnarok (FF8) and Cloud's motorcycle (FF7)

Authors: Eoin Colfer, Laurell K. Hamilton, Elizabeth Hayden, Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Phillip Pullman, J. K. Rowling, R. A. Salvatore, J. R. Tolkien, and Jasper Fforde

Artist: M.C. Escher, Thomas Kinkade, Kagaya Yutaka

Books: Forgotten Realms series; Immortals Quartet; Song of the Lioness Quartet; Protector of the Small Quartet; Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen; Beka Cooper: Terrier; Joust; Dark Materials Trilogy; Lord of the Rings Trilogy; Rhapsody, Prophecy, and Destiny; Anita Blake Series; Artemis Fowl Series

Anime Awards (English translations/dubs)

1. Best Scream: Hitomi (Kelly Sheridan (Escaflowne))

2. Best Puppy-Dog Eyes: Kira Yamato (Gundam SEED)

3. Best Anguished Cry: Shinn Asuka (Matthew Erickson (Gundam SEED Destiny))

4. Best Maniacal Laugh: Muraki (Edward MacLeod (Yami no Matsuei))

5. Cutest When Sleeping: Hatori Sohma (Fruits Basket)

6. Best Sephiroth Clone Look-Alike: Gunter (Kyo Kara Maoh)

7. Best Manipulator: Gilbert Durandal (Gundam SEED Destiny)

8. Best Random Moment: Yuuki (Es Otherwise) when he's obsessed with the shaman rain stick

9. Cutest Anime Animal: Baby Kiba (Wolf's Rain)

10. Best Redheaded Girl: Karen (8th MS Team)

11. Character to Kill the Most People in a Single Episode: Quatre Raberba Winner (Gundam Wing)

12. Best Bedroom Voice: Brian Drummond (Zechs Marques (Gundam Wing), Allen Schezar (Escaflowne), Andrew Waltfeld (Gundam SEED/Destiny) Ryuk (Death Note))

13. Biggest Flake: Serena or Usagi (Sailor Moon)

14. Sounds Best Charging Up: Goku (Sean Schemmel (Dragonball Z))

15. Cutest Father and Son Pair: Goku and Gohan (Dragonball Z)

16. Most Amusing Anime Commercial (The Halfway Thing): Yu Yu Hakusho

17. Best Horror/Amusing Phrase in an Anime: "Are you there?" (Fafner)

18. Most Mocked Anime (By Death and Strata): Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (But the manga's really good)

19. Best Real Life Fight Scenes: Samurai Champloo

20. Best One-Liner: "Are they both real?" Light Yagami (Brad Swaile Death Note)

21. Worst Anime Name: Parn (Record of Lodoss War)

22. Most Kick-Ass Old Guy: Yamamoto (Bleach)

23. Worst Anime Opening: Hamtaro theme

24. Anime With Most Recycled Voice Actors: Gundam 00 (quick second: Gundam Wing... although there's nothing wrong with listening to more Brian, Brad, Kirby, Ted, Sam, Trevor, Scott...)

25. Best Comic Relief Characters: Isaac and Miria (Baccano)

26. Best Random Arguments: Gojyo and Goku (Saiyuki)

27. Voice Actor Who's Voice is Equivalent to Sex: Illich Guardiola (Krad (DNAngel) and Gojyo (Saiyuki))

28. Best Genuine Laugh: Neil Dylandy (Alex Zahara Gundam 00)

29. Best Internal Monologues: Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

30. Best Growl: Lee Wong (Beyblade (First season) Voice Actor Unknown)

(More to come!)

Quote of the Moment

"Grammar. The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts."


I have a good friend one here who goes by the pen name of Death-Scimitar. If you've read some of her stories then look back at mine, you may find that most of our characters are the same (looks, personality, etc.) and also that some of our plot lines or ideas are the same. The reason is that we tend to build off each other; use each other's thoughts and suggestions. So, if you do notice this, please know that we aren't copying.

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