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Mo Eazy PM
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Well lesse...where to begin...well I was raised and born in Hawaii before coming state side for school. I was introduced to Asian culture at a very young age, and Japanese Anime were my saturday morning cartoons.

I am something of an omni-geek, with an intense passion for Anime/Manga, Video Games, Comics, Books and Movies. I also enjoy learning about pretty much everything, with a secret love for the more theoretical sciences such as Quantum theory or Chaos theory. Beyond the mental arts I've explored the martial arts, as a means of building confidence and discipline. I also needed a way to keep fit and gyms are boring. I have eight years of Pyong An Do Kung Fu under my belt, as well as one year of Tai Sheng Pek Kwar that was cut tragically short by a back injury. Learn Monkey Kung Fu at your own risk people.

I've always wanted to be a writer in some capacity, it was a childhood dream up there next to "Astronaut" and "Ninja".

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