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For I am Greed.

The most base desire which encapsulates every single cardinal sin.

Greed for the body of other and physical enjoyment - Lust.

Greed for the delicious meals and drinks - Gluttony.

Greed for the rest and comfortable beds - Sloth.

Greed for the revenge on one enemies - Wrath.

Greed for what others have gained - Envy.

Greed for being the best and most peerless - Pride.

I am Greed and I encompass them all.

A Cell of a Good Time (DBZ/YJ SI) by Beastrider9

"Alright my Spooky Magpies! The game is Cops and Robbers, and would you look at that, we ain't got no cops. So you know what to do. If it ain't nailed down I want it! If it is nailed down… steal it anyway, and snatch those nails up to!"

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