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Name: Bringerofchaosanddestruction

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i started reading fanfiction years ago. The first fanfictions that I read where Pokémon fanfictions, no crossovers, just Pokémon. over time the Pokémon fanfictions began to become bleak to me, my lust to read them dwindling to the point of almost nonexistence. It was at that time that I knew I had to do something, do something I have never done before, start reading fanfictions based on a different topic. Luckily I found the spark that I have lost when I came across a couple fanfictions that where based on bleach. From there I expanded my horizon once again, reading numerous bleach fanfictions with the same vigor that I did at the beginning of the Pokémon ones. Sadly the spark didn't last, and I decided to one again make another jump. It was thanks to a friend that told me in passing about some of the fanfictions that he read and enjoyed that inspired myself to jump from bleach to naruto, and I was glad I did since it managed to ignite my lust once again. From there I read countless story's, both young and old, enthralled within the stories. Pulled into them far deeper than ever before, my quench for them never sated no matter how many I read. There I stayed, reading story after story, front to back, new and old alike with gusto. Sadly the time came that I actually began to run out of any decent story's and had to make due with the worse ones. It was at this point that I took my friends advice and looked into the crossover section, and my mind was blown away. The concept of dragging a character across the boundaries and dropping them in a different story altogether was foreign to me and personally, I didn't really know if I would like it. To my surprise, the first crossover I read blew my mind, opening my imagination to new bounds as hundreds, or even thousands of different ideas flooded my mind like a tidal wave striking shore. I was instantly hooked. From there I began to branch out, reading other crossovers and expanding my imagination to its limits. Now with my mind so crammed with ideas, I find myself wanting to make my own fanfiction. Wanting to put my own ideas on paper and share my own wealth of imagination with my fellow peers. Sadly this is new to me, having never really wrote a story quite like this, sure I wrote essays and summaries, but I never really wrote my own story, a story utilizing my own ideas and not stating facts.

main story preferences: Pokémon, Bleach, Naruto

crossover story preferences: Naruto/Pokemon, Naruto/Bleach, Naruto/Fairytail, Naruto/Highschool DxD, Naruto/RWBY, Naruto/Sekirei, Naruto/Rosario Vampire, Naruto/Young Justice, Naruto/Justice League, Naruto/Freezer (even if it appears to be dead), Naruto/To Love Ru, Naruto/Monster Musume, Naruto/Overwatch, Bleach/Rosario Vampire, Bleach/Sekirei, Bleach/RWBY

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