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hi everyone, I wanted to let you all now that I'm still here just got a bad case of writer's block and creative ideas that don't fit with my current fanfics and since I don't want to work one too many fanfics at once I decided to turn some of my ideas into challenges for all of you. pm me for any questions you my have and if you tack up a challenge send me a link please.

challenge #1: Naruto

The Village in the Past

Summary: the entire leaf village gets sent it the warring clans' era by (cause of your choosing). now trapped in the past what will the village do, how will the warring clans react, and most importantly will they find a way back to their own time without messing up the timeline too badly or falling apart?


1. Tsunade is the Hokage.

2. the Konoha 11 plus sensei's and Jiraiya are in the village at the time of the incident. Sasuke can be depending on when you decide the incident happened in the timeline.

3. Naruto learns of the Uzumaki clan and their connection to the Senju clan.

4. Hashirama and Madera haven't come to a truce yet. the leaf village appears either when they are kids or when they are adults and haven't ended their feud yet. both scenarios are interesting to me and looking forward to reading them.

challenge #2: Naruto

Inari's champion

Summary: Naruto's difficult life, 'never give up', and pranks attitude attracts the attention of the Shinto god Inari Okami, the god/goddess of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture, industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, the patron of blacksmiths, actors, and protector of warriors, fisherman, and prostitutes. Inari decides to make Naruto his/her champion.


1. Naruto gains fox and fox hybrid transformation, fox summoning contract, and Fox powers.

2. Naruto gains a tail for every good deed that is not of his own benefit (ex: wave mission, saving Gaara, etc.) and with each tail a new power. (ex: one tail = complete control of fire, five tails = wood style) the power of the tails needs to connect to Inari in some way.

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