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Uncharted Feelings

Chapter 4 (On progress)

Levi finally realized his true feelings for his adoptive sister, Sasha – a feeling more than the need to protect and take care of her, a feeling so strong that it binds them both tightly together. But Jean Kirschtein comes in their way.

Pairings: Levi x Sasha, Jean x Sasha

Games I Play:

Naruto CS GO Dota II Diablo I, II, III Empire Earth The Sims 3 4 Dragon Age II Silent Hills Company of Heroes Assassin's Creed Battle Realms Devil May Cry Shogun Total War 2 League of Legends Left for Dead 1 2 Clash of Clans Command and Conquer: Red Alert Command and Conquer: Generals

Favorite Anime's (No Particular Order):

Naruto Doraemon Inu x Boku SS Devil May Cry Shingeki no Kyojin Code Geass Guilty Crown Baka to Test The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Favorite K-Dramas (No Particular Order):

Full House Endless Love Dream High 1 Boys Over Flowers Jewel In The Palace Which Star Are You From? The Tale of Arang My Love From The Star My Girlfriend Is A Nine-tailed Fox The Scholar Who Walks The Night

Anime OTPs (Including Crack Ones):

Kakashi x Sakura Naruto x Sakura Sasori x Sakura Itachi x Sakura Orihime x Ichigo Levi x Sasha Jean x Sasha Lelouch x C.C. Dante x Trish

K-Drama OTPs:

Ga Eul x Yi Jeong (BOF) Myung-hee x Gwi (TSWWTN) Hye-ryung x Sung yeol (TSWWTN) So Hyun x Kang Joon (ASB)
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