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Damien NightFall PM
Joined Mar '16

First Fanfiction ever read:

Enlightenment - Harry Potter

Favourite fanfiction of all time:

Percy Jackson and the Game/Percy Jackson and the World of Magic/Reaching For a Dream/

Favourite author(s):

NoodleHammer, Imjusttryingtofindmyway, Cambrian Beckett

Favourite X-Over type:

The Gamer

Stories I Enjoy:

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Naruto, Highschool DxD, Stargate SG1, The Originals, DC/Marvel, etc.

My favorite Harry Potter pairings: (I prefer the not-so-common ones)

Harry x Fleur, Harry x Tonks, Harry x Susan, Harry x Lavender, Harry x Any Black Sisters, Harry x Marcella Zabini...

I also sometimes like the Harem fics if their not overdone. ( Personally my favorite fics are where Harry is a womanizer, their amazing )

My favourite Naruto pairings:

Naruto x Anko, Naruto x Kurenai, Naruto x Samui, Naruto x Tsunade, Naruto x Mei, Naruto x Fem!Kyuubi.

Same as above

My favorite stories usually involve either a badass, sassy, womanizer, slightly/very insane ( usually just sadistic ) main character because I believe their more enjoyable than an angst fest designed to depress people. When I read Naruto stories I prefer either a jutsu battery with massive, impressive widescale jutsu to rip through armies or an ACTUAL ninja Naruto, where his nisch is assasination and stealth, and he's a badass batman ( Well, foxman isnt it? ) When I read Harry Potter I prefer the smart and powerfull Harry Potter that's more like his father, prideful and carefree most of the time.

Things that I dislike in a story are: Too-Merciful protagonist, dumb protagonist, weak protagonist, forgiving protagonist ( No harry if someone tries to kill you you dont forgive them! )

Characters I hate? Snape. Dumbledore (occasionaly). Sasuke. Sakura. Original Naruto ( If I'm in a bad mood ) Probably more just can't think of any.

Stories Id recommend:

HP - In The Mind Of A Scientist,

Anything written by NoodleHammer

Anything else I should add?

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