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ZooFan PM
Joined Mar '16

Name: Zoofan

Age: ?????

Gender: ?????

Nationality: Hispanic

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite regular animal: Fox

Favorite magical animal: Dragon

Favorite Music: don’t have one

Favorite Food: steak

Sexual orientation: demi sexual

Favorite Anime: Fate stay, Dragon ball, Digimon, Bleach, Future Card Buddyfight, and Naruto

Favorite Games: Mass effect, Dragon age, Pokémon, Warcraft, Fire emblem, God of War, and Assassin Creed

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

Favorite Movie: All Marvel movies, Zootopia, Star Wars and Lion king

Favorite Cartoons: Marvels Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man, Chaotic, Voltron, Transformers and Danny phantom

Favorite TV: Teen wolf, Green Arrow, Flash, and Merlin

Hey everyone who’s reading this summary of my character. I would just like to thank everyone for their time for trying to get to know me better. I had first starting reading fanfiction a couple of years ago but it’s only now that I’ve started to actually start writing them. Now let it be sad that I do not have the best grammar and you more then likely find a mistake. But I’ll try to check over my work and make it the best it can possibly be. Now I do not have a fixed schedule when it comes to writing my stories I just write whenever I have free time. Also warning some of my stories will probably have gay love which means to males having a relationship. Now I would probably not make a whole story about just relationships, it would more then likely be a side component because I wil focus on the plot and humor. But any one who trashes my story or any story that does have gay love just because of that, let it be know that it was you who took the time who read it so what does that say about you. So anyway I only have a couple ideas that I wanted to write out so far but they are going to be long ones more then likely probably going to be series. So again thank you for your time for reading my profile and my stories and I wish you a wonderful day.

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