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Hey wassup! Welcome to my profile where you can meet my OCs and find all kinds of crap about how much of shit person i am...yay!I mostly write for wild kratts, at least for now. Most of my stories are very random and, I hope, funny, just a little bit?...please? If not random and funny my stories are at least...strange.

My OCs:

Me: I'm putting me under OCs because I like to make appearances in my own stories. But you should know that in most if not all my stories I do not take the form of a human. Instead I am a Large wolf with a mixture of different shades of brown and cream colored fur, I have brown eyes and wings that can change color. and I go by Flaire.

Snowy: Snowy is Flaire's (me) younger sister. She is a big but still smaller than Flaire. She is also a wolf but has longer fur which is a bright, beautiful white. Her eyes are yellow instead of white along the outside and have a blue-green iris. She is thinner and lankier than Flaire. She sometimes appears in a fanfic with her older sister.

Queen Luna: Luna is based on my BFF irl and is of course Flaire's best friend. She is a giant black cat with black angel wings. She has one brown eye and one green eye. She sometimes appears along side Flaire and snowy in fanfics Usually as a co-author or just to help with comedy and randomness. When ever she helps me write something it automatically gets 10x more random and/or inappropriate.

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