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Indefinite Hiatus. All fic ideas are up for grabs.


(Hiccup is 15-16, Hadley is 13-14. I'll probably do some RTTE stories too!) I'll add summaries once I get them written out! Enjoy!

Riders of Berk

How to Start a Dragon Academy: Hiccup and Hadley are given the responsibility to integrate dragons into Berk's everyday life. But when a certain old man stirs up trouble, will they be able to keep the dragons under control? And keep them on Berk? Join Hiccup, Hadley, and the gang in this fun and humorous adventure!

The Blindside: When the twins and Snotlout decide to play a prank on the Dragon Academy runner, an accident happens and Hiccup ends up temporarily blind. How will Hiccup deal with this change, and how will Snotlout, Ruff and Tuff deal with the guilt?

In Dragons we Trust: The Dragons are accused of a serious crime, and are banished from Berk. Without the dragons there, a certain Treacherous man sees a chance to attack the island.

Alvin and the Outcasts: With the armory destroyed and the Dragons banished, Alvin the Treacherous and the Outcasts invade Berk, who kidnap Hiccup in order to learn his rumored "Dragon-conquering" secrets. Now, Hadley and the gang must get Hiccup and their dragons back.

How to Pick Your Dragon: While Hiccup and Stoick are off to find a dragon for the chief, Hadley takes her own path and tries to find, and train, her own dragon and prove her overprotective brother wrong. But with the Haddocks, something always goes wrong.

Dragon Flower

Heather Report; Parts 1&2

How NOT to Spend Your Birthday: Hadley's birthday rolls around, and it's just her luck that the Outcasts would attack the day she turns 14. With the island under siege, and her brother kidnapped, again, Hadley has to try to clean up the mess.

Undocumented Islands, and Dragon Scars: As a late birthday present, Hiccup finally lets Hadley get her own dragon. Things spiral out of control fast when the two crash land on an undocumented island, where dragons don't take too kindly to humans.

Peace Treaties and Struggles: A neighboring tribe comes to Berk for the annual peace treaty signing. The teens of the tribe take to picking on Hadley, only they weren't expecting and overprotective brother with a Night Fury, and five of Berk's best dragon riders to intervene.

When Lightening Strikes

Defiant One

Fishing Trip Gone Haywire: The Haddock's and Jorgensen's take an annual fishing trip. However, they weren't expecting to run into a certain enemy.

Breakneck Bog

Bind of Three: Family bonding with the Haddock family. (One-Shot)

We are Family; Parts 1&2

Defenders of Berk

Nightmares: Hadley is having nightmares, Hiccup comforts his little sister. (One-Shot)

Live and Let Fly

Stormy Drills: While on a training mission, the gang get caught in a storm and crash on island filled with wild dragons. Now separated, and with some injuries, they have to find each other and get back to Berk, while avoiding nature's obstacles.

Mishap with Memories: When Hiccup gets into a flight accident one morning, he wakes up with no memory of anything from the past 10 years. With Hiccup in his 6-year-old frame of mind, how will the gang deal with their amnesic leader who's afraid of everything? And with Alvin on the loose? Who knows what will happen.

The Night and the Fury

Phantom Pains: Hiccup is having phantom pains. While trying to hide his pain, how will the rest of the teens fair with a grumpy leader? What happens when they find out? (One-Shot)

How to be Chief: While Stoick is off on a chieftain meeting, Hiccup is left as acting chief. Things get a little trickier when the Berserkers attack. Will he be able to pull through and save the village, without getting kidnapped himself?

Tunnel Vision

Venomous: While out exploring, the teens discover a new dragon. But when they get back and Hadley starts showing alarming symptoms, it's up to Hiccup and the gang to find the cure, before it's too late.


The Eel Effect

Bedridden Destruction: Hiccup gets sick, and is stuck inside. Word travels fast in the Archipelago, and soon, Dagur decides to pay 'The Dragon Conqueror' a visit. Stoick, Hadley, and the teens have to work together to keep Hiccup safe from the deranged lunatic.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Brotherly Instincts: When Gustav suddenly takes a liking to Hadley, Hiccup's overprotective sensors go into overdrive. (One-Shot)

Scars: The teens of Berk have a fun day of swimming in the cove. Why doesn't Hiccup want to join?"

Cast Out; Parts 1&2

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