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Hey, I'm Kat.
I don't write stories but I do read them. Well mostly of 'The Lost World' (TLW). I love M&R w/ V&N in the same story. I love Challenger and Summerlee as well. I kinda like Finn. Other stories: Sailor Moon andCharmed.

As you can see I have lots of favorite stories well everything I've read so far was great but I didn't add them because I LOVED them but because it's hard keeping track of what I read. I've read more than what's in my favorite list. I lost all the titles I read. So, I'm going to list and add the ones I read plus, bookmarking the ones I want to read. I have nothing to do but read.:-P So, keep 'em coming.

What I haven't read yet is a car chase. Roxton chasing after Marguerite. Something dramatic like that but of course it can't be in the jungle. :-p

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