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Dear Readers,

Harmonious Cannons passed on to the next great adventure, late on the 21/9/16 in a road accident. I would like to convey his thanks, and ours, to all those who read, or as he would have said, tolerated, his stories. He will be missed.

Thank you.

Thanks Cassandra30

Yes. The name's changed to reflect the best team in the World. "Which is that?" you ask. Hmm... You might hear a lispy "Liverpool, mathther," from the other writers. That's what a 5-1 humbling does, you know.

There is a good reason why majority wins

General rules all of us on this account follow:

1)Pairings will mostly be Harmony. There are some users who regularly comment on H/Hr stories about how it is disgusting given that "he sees her as his sister". Those two books killed the series for us, even the end of OotP, because Sirius dies.

A) Harry doesn't see her as his sister. Sisters are irritating people who will mercilessly tease you, destroy mental peace, cause untold agony by just being generally irksome, and yet if the time comes, stand against the world with you. The difference between a sister and a not-sister is in the first three actions. In other words, Hermione falls squarely in the not-sister bracket. That's sister v/s not-sister simplified.

B) Most of the aforementioned users who find the Harmony ship "disgusting" are often Lannister fans in the GoT Universe. Enough said.

2)We sincerely think the Death Eaters are filthy creatures, and they are killed or debased or degraded get the point. That's because they are less than human. Admittedly, it has more to do with vicarious vigilantism. They are terrorists, and since we aren't soldiers, or couldn't get in (the oldest of us failed a primary physical), it gives the same sort of vicarious pleasure that killing terrorists in video games, which is as close as we can hope to get. That was the only reason to choose HP.

3) The Marauders are heroic figures, ergo, they don't die in our stories. Unless of course it is a post-Ootp or post-Canon War story.

4) We don't write slash. The reason is simple: There is always a danger of slipping up and making an unintentional derogatory comment or reference. There are mentions of it, but not a primary pairing. Nothing against slash, but objectivity about the ability to write it in a not-cringeworthy manner dictates that we don't.

5) Football references are to be found in plenty (not a rule, but we do love the game).

6) We don't like Snape. At all. So the DH-inspired stuff about him being a good guy secretly will not be blindly followed. Far too many plot-holes have been dug for him to be considered as one.

Disclaimer: At least one Malfoy is routinely harmed during the making of these stories, and therefore Mary/Gary Sue-iness regarding those characters 'if reformed' doesn't ensue, nor does it enthuse the writers. The world and all known characters are owned by JKR, we are just playing games of chance. All views and beliefs that can be ascribed to the writers are their own and we do not take responsibility of the s...oh, sorry, we do. So you will never find a DM/any living thing, SS/ any living thing (unless as a joke), or any Death Eater/any living thing pairing. Lestranges and Malfoys are married couples. A Death Eater breeding is disgusting.

1) Put into Lifetime Detention by Death -- MumbaiGirl1 (No Separate Account) HCS C IP (Story has mostly out-of-Hogwarts incidents, engineered by Harry and moderated by Sirius. Random Cliche/Crack/Parody warnings.) Also read the Author's notes. We don't put them in for fun. If we had a thousand rupees for every complaint regarding "Hadrian" Harry Potter in spite of the damn A/N, where it was specifically stated that there will be fun poked at it, we could buy a new laptop, each. We'll buy one anyway.

2) The Wish of The Master of Death -- The AU No-Bashing Writer Alive (Separate Account) HCS C IP (Set in Marauders' era. MoD! Moderately invincible Hermione! Time Travelling Moody and Remus! Evanses and Potters versus Super-Voldemort. Horror toned down to keep within rating limits.)

3) Prophetic Intervention -- The Kop-Who-Scoused (No Separate Account) HCS CONT Complete (AU Where competent adults of questionable maturity do the job before the kids come along. Heavy Snape bashing.)

4) One Shot Compilation -- Various

5) The Godfather -- Up for adoption. If interested, please contact. Brief Outline (1 page) available.

6)The True Story -- Tropical Penguin (No separate account, YET) HCS CONT IP (The alternative real story inspired by other YATS like The Potter-Granger Manifesto) The only good Snape Story.

7) The Great Manipulator -- The Kop-Who-Scoused OS W IP (Politically active Harry without 'Lords', and bashing.)

8) The Marauders' Tuition -- The AU No-Bashing Writer Alive HCS CONT IP (Where Sirius finds his godson being too serious.)

9) Trope Disintegration and Denigration Department -- The Kop-Who-Scoused OS W C (The obligatory Draco is a Male Veela with Hermione as his mate story.) OS W C

10) Padma Patil and the felling of Fenrir Greyback -- All together. Festival fic. Complete.

11) Sweet my Child -- MumbaiGirl1 OS W IP

12)Leader -- The Kop-Who-Scoused OS W IP

13) Exodus -- The-Kop-Who-Scoused OS W IP

14) When Sirius Intervenes -- Sirius-centric one-shots. Various

15) The Last Laugh -- Challenge Story. MumbaiGirl1. C

16) A Change of Villains -- HP/Avengers Crossover. Temporal Penguin. OS W IP

17) Hello, Zuko Here -- A:tLA One-shot. Temporal Penguin OS W C

18) Through Every Life -- A:tLA One-Shot Temporal Penguin OS W C


HCS: Harmonious Cannon's story

IP/C: In Progress/Complete

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