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Hey there! Since I'm not new to reading Fan-fics but I am new to writing and/or editing them, let me give you some info about myself.

- Yes, I am a male.

- I am 21.

- I am a college student working on a double major program, Criminal Justice and Psychology. I'm busy as can be.

- I'm also employed part-time at a Dollar General. Which actually means I'm an under-appreciated and overworked body who hits full time most weeks. Told you I was busy.

Now that we have down the small details, I write when I want to. I hate writing something I'm forced to, but when I enjoy it I can go all out. Which means when I don't have class or work or homework assignments I will likely be chilling out on here, whether it's reading, writing, or editing.

Hope we can all chill out, peace out, enjoy ourselves and enjoy the stories. It's what we're here for, right?

Jay AKA Pyre

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