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The pseudonym's Rosenthal Krahenbuhl and just like everyone here, I like writing about my favorite series. I've always thought of sharing my writings with people so I thought 'Hey, why not share it with fellow geeks who love reading and writing?' and with that, I started on my journey to write. I'm still far from achieving the level of what I aspire to become as a writer but that's the beauty of websites like these: they let you explore and reach your full potential.

Stories I've written:

Cabbage Rolls (NaLu)

If anyone has concerns or would just love to chat, you could get in touch with me here, Twitter (makosmains) or Instagram (yupoguiii)! I would love to talk to whoever reads my stories so don't be shy, I don't bite. (ω〃)

By the way! I also have my other fanfiction dump (AO3) under the same username.

profile by my friend Rhenoa24 on ig, twt, and fb !!!

Stay safe and hydrated!

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