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Hello everyone,

I enjoy writing fan-fiction as an escape from the insanity of working full time and being a mom with two children. A beautiful daughter and a too cute son who are both trying their hardest to put me in a 'home.' I have a great husband who is wonderful but does not understand my obsession with writing or fanfiction. As I have stated in my writing... I have a thing for smart guys and my hubby is the smartest person I know. Unfortunately it all goes towards math and he would get us hopefully lost if I didn't play co-pilot! When I start wring he just rolls he eyes and sticks his head in a Stephen King book. He doesn't even complain when he has to search for clean socks because my writing bug caused me to skip the laundry for a few days.

All in all I am very lucky and I try to count my blessings each day.

I only write romantic-comedy because life has too much drama as it is. We all need a laugh and especially, we need to learn not to take ourselves too seriously.

Any-who, I hope you enjoy reading my little drabble and get a chuckle while you are at it.

Just a note: I don’t write smut. Well, at least you’ll never see it. There are just some things that I think should remain on a person’s laptop. If there is someone out there talented enough to break in and read it. Well, we should be worrying a little more about your ethics than if you’ve read a smut scene or two.

Lots of love,

Lea Marie

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