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There are new updates hope you enjoy.

As you all know i have a live journal and now I also have a myspace. I wanted to let you guys know about my myspace so here is the link. http:///Lupster Please go check it out.

Hi, everyone I been wanting to tell you guys that I got an account on as lassie23. Here is the link to it.


So if you could check it out please and it will tell you a little bit of my life and how my fanfiction writing is going.

My works in progress:

Two Months of Fear- Harry Potter

Disney Mainia and the Weasly concert-Harry Potter

One shot for a couple of friends-Beyblade

What Happened to Us- Beyblade

War of the Weasleys- Harry Potter

The Most Important Christmas Ever- Supernatural (Not Incest I swear)

Duck Sitting- Mighty Ducks

True Love yet to be Found- Criminal Minds

The Wedding- Criminal Minds


Please check them out and Review.

Works that are complete.

Happy Valentines Day My Love- Completed

The Twenty-Fifth day-Criminal Minds

And yet it's these are the only stories that are completed.

The reason I started Duck Sitting is because I have been reading a lot of MD fics I also began to wonder what would happened if Dive was left alone with Mallory.. Who knows what will happen to the two. On the other end it worries the others to death that they are alone with each other. Who will kill who is what they ask themselves. Please leave a review.

Just to let everyone know I am working on many of my fics old and new. Two Months of Fear will problaby take a while because the computer downstairs in my house has lost my files and I mean all of them I don't have any of my files for that story and can't transfer them to my laptop so I have to type it out yet again I'm going to kill the computer down stairs.


Sorry I know everyone has been waiting for me to update my files but my laptop was on the fritz now it is back to normal. The only thing is my files are all gone it was the only way I could fix the laptop so please bear with me. I hope to update by the end of monday hopefully if I don't get distracted. Anyways look out for new chapters on most of my fics. Hope to talk to you all soon.

As of May 12, 2009

I have updated a few of my stories now. I also have a new one in mind but don't know what is going to play out in the season finale of criminal minds. If my idea hasn't been taken to the brains of the writers I myself may submit my idea to the show don't know yet it will problaby be one of my pet project this summer. Some of my other stories are being worked on and I will hopefully soon bring those stories to life again.

As of May 24th , 2011

Wow two years. Man I need to finish these fics. I also have a new one and hope to have it done in three or four chapters as long as I don't drag it out, but if I do it'll be worth it I swear. The new one I just put up today is called Attacked it's a Glee fic. Everyone was writing about what could of happened after the Episode Rummors and I had to take a crack at it too although it took me about three weeks to get it typed up and making sense.

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