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Bob of the A PM
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I'm just a guy who likes reading fanfiction.

Been reading on the site for something like ten years, and this is the first I've ever written on it.

Older than 18, younger than 40.

I like a lot of Anime and Manga, but to name in order;

1. Bleach (Wish Kubo had the chance to give it the ending it deserved)

2. Naruto (before it went to shit)

3. One Piece (had its ups and downs)

I've got pairings I love, pairings I like, pairings I dislike, and pairings I hate. This is true for all fandoms I count myself as part of.

My Rules for reading (and at some point in the future, possibly writing)

1. Stay in character, for me the best fanfics are the ones where it feels like the characters came straight from the source material, and are more than just random assholes who share names with characters you like

2. As a straight male, I generally avoid stories that feature guy/guy, but one must keep an open mind on the internet

3. I appreciate excellent grammar and spelling.

3b. You will not be judged for this rule if your native language is not English. Being able to write and post anything outside of your native tongue is awe-inspiring to me.

Story Ideas/Challenges (that I don't have the time or energy to dedicate myself to)

GTA- GREAT TEACHER AIZEN (Bleach) (Humor, Adventure, Drama) (no set pairings)

An idea that popped into my the other day. This idea is fairly nonsensical, but I feel like their could be a lot of serious parts to it.

Aizen always knew that he could trust no one but himself. Because of that belief, he visited the human world that fateful night himself to ensure that Kurosaki Ichigo entered the world of spirits. Every little thing fits into the plans he has so tirelessly crafted, at least that's what he tells himself now that he's stuck as the new substitute teacher at Karakura High School...

Ideally, this story would start out humorous, with the normally 200 moves-ahead-of-you Aizen being forced to adapt to live as a near powerless being and interacting with the students and teachers at Karakura High, but eventually the fic would outline the changes to Ichigo and his friend's growth due to Aizen being their first (and possibly most lasting) teacher about all things soul-related. I have a number of ideas for this fic, but no outline.

My Precious Little Son (Bleach) (Family, Hurt, Comfort) (no set pairings) (Title is a work in progress)

This idea has been in my head for a while. I've seen a few (read: very few) fanfics that have gone in a similar direction, but nothing within the last few years.

That night when Grand Fisher was hunting alone in the rain, Ichigo ran ahead of his mother, growing farther and farther away... By the time she reached his body it was too late, Grand Fisher dragging the wailing soul back to Hueco Mundo with him. But in the darkest of nights the light shines brightest, and Ichigo gains a new family, two wonderful big brothers and a little sister dressed in green with a scar across her head. Unfortunately, this newfound joy is not to last, and Ichigo's family is once again shattered, forcing former Espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwank too rejoin those who betrayed her in order to protect the last remnants of her family. Well, if Pesche and Dondochakka had taken the role of the big brothers she needed, then she would just have to become the mother that the amnesiac hollow-child Ichigo needed.

My take on the classic Masaki lives, Ichigo dies AU. Due to Ichigo dying at such a young age, he remains the joyful, curious child that he was before his mother's death in canon. Heavy focus early in story on child! Ichigo being raised in Laz Noches by his adoptive mother Nelliel, and the interactions they have with characters suited to the dog-eat-dog world of Hueco Mundo. Story would later incorporate interludes of the Kurosaki family, and the friends Ichigo would have made in canon. Themes would focus on family, recovering from devastating loss, and making friends in dangerous places. I have a rough outline detailing the early chapters of this story.

Both Stories would obviously be very heavy AU after the conclusion of the opening arcs. Feel free to cover as many canon/ noncanon arcs as you want.

More Ideas to come (probably)

Message me if you want to hear more, or take your own shot at any idea posted.

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