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Sentry342 PM
Joined Apr '16

Hi I’m Sentry342

I like reading, games, drawing, and kayaking

I enjoy stories that are longer and prefer action fantasy. Most of my favorites stories are AUs or crossovers I thought were interesting. I love reading see original AU’s, Gamer stories, and crossovers.

Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Assassination Classroom, Hunter X Hunter, Overlord, and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

Favorite Games: Witcher 3, Metal Gear Revengeance, Skyrim, Persona 5, Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Nioh, Code Vein, Nier Automata, Undertale, God of War 1-4, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 1-2, Borderlands 1, 2, the Pre-Sequal, and Assassins Creed Odyssey.

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