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Gender: Male

Author Status: ... Pending

I do not accept flames of any sort, constructive criticism is indeed welcomed

Story Status:

Remnants Army Strong: Up for adoption (Lost all interest in this fic)

The Cyborg: Dead (A failure in my opinion)

World of the Dead: Dead (no pun intended)

Emerald of Havoc: Dead

Planetside Wizard: Dead (Think I did enough Damage to the timeline already ;~;)

Son of a Freelancer: Dead (Was a good idea in thought but with the way I wrote it, I'm sure I got it all wrong)

Current Story ideas.

Sturmjäger: RWBY Fanfiction (Or Battlefield 1 Crossover depending on which way this goes)

Imperial Familiar: Familiar of Zero Fanfiction (Again, could equal Battlefield crossover)


Harry Potter/Command and Conquer Crossover Challenge


Name can be whatever, pm me the name of the story should you accept, and I will remove the challenge.

Rating: Teen - Mature (Due to the blood and violence in the C&C Universe, along with what else you add that gives it the rating)

!Brotherhood of Nod Harry, !Smart Harry (Optional), !Powerful Harry (Optional), !Animagus Harry (Optional and can be of you own custom design), Harry can be in any house (If you feel like making Harry a Hogwarts Student), !Light/!Grey/!Dark Harry (Whichever is fine, but no !Evil Harry), Can take place in any of the seven books, pre, or post stories (IE: Pre-Chamber of Secrets, Post-Order of the Phoenix)

Commander Harry: Harry can be a Nod Commanding Officer, Soldier, or whatever you prefer in Nod

Kane Harry: No, Harry must be a disciple of Kane, or carry out Kane's will

Familiar Required: This is optional, and you are free to add any creature to be Harry's Familiar

Pairings allowed: Please no slash, can be any person in the HP, or C&C Universe (Though I usually encourage Harry/Hermione, Harry/Fleur, Harry/Daphne, or Harry/Tonks), or if you feel like it, Harry/OC, multi pairings are allowed though that is optional, am allowing a Familiar Bond pairing (Such as Harry/Human!Hedwig, people actually write these, this is not a Creature!Harry fic!)

Bashings: Dumbledore Bashing (Whether he is Evil or not, that's up to you), Ron/Ginny/Molly Weasley Bashing (Same with these three), Snape Bashing (Optional), Ministry of Morons Bashing (Optional, though for some reason, I feel like it's going to happen), Granger Bashing (Optional)

Abusive Dursleys allowed, Multi-inheritance Harry allowed (IE: Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor)

Inheritances: Potter, Black, Peveral, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw (Optional), Hufflepuff (Optional), Slytherin (Conquest), Le Fay (Optional), Emrys (Optional)

Good Tom Riddle Allowed, along with Death Eaters (You can still make him evil if you feel like it), Redeemable Draco, and Narcissa allowed, Good Fawkes or Loyal to Dumbledore Fawkes (Whichever you prefer)

Horcrux Harry: Whether or not you wish to give Harry the Voldemort Horcrux is up to you

Alternate Universe

Doom/Warcraft Crossover Challenge

Before I list the requirements I want to say that although I never played Warcraft (doesn't interest me) I do read some Warcraft Crossovers.


Name can be whatever, PM me the title you choose if you accept the challenge and I will delete this

Rating: M (For obvious reasons *cough* DOOM! *cough*)

Doomslayer/Doomguy must enter the World of Warcraft Universe

Which Doom universe must be used: Can either use Doom 3, or Doom (2016 release)

Pairings: You can pair Canon characters, or you can make an OC/OC pairing, or (if your crazy enough) you can actually pair the Doomguy with someone

Hell Demons, Burning Legion alliance: I don't really know if any of you will include the Hell Demons (And I don't know if the Burning Legion are relatives of the Hell Demons or not), but if you do, you can either have them team up with the Burning Legion, or make them enemies

Warcraft Timeline: Can be either in the WOW Timeline, or Warcraft 3 timeline (or both)

Weapons Doomguy/slayer can have: give him ALL of his weapons, that includes the chainsaw, and BFG9000 (he doesn't have to have them immediately, he can get them back over time)

Chapter length: Please make this one of those long chapter fanfics (like 9000 words per chapter or something similar) in my opinion, those are the best fics but you can do whatever

RWBY/Terminator Crossover Challenge


Name: A Terminators Salvation, Remnant of a Terminator, or your own name

Rating: T - M

an OC Terminator must be sent to remnant by any means involving time travel, this terminator was sent to protect John Conner as well

OC Terminator must look 17-18

Takes place in Terminator 2, and any of the three RWBY Volumes

Pairings: Any pairings allowed, such as White Rose, Bumblebee, Arkos, etc. though for some reason I feel like that whoever accepts this challenge may do a OC Terminator/Penny pairing (I'm not against it, it's your go)

The Terminator sent must protect the people of Remnant and must not hesitate to kill any threats (besides, terminators were built to kill)

Famous Terminator quotes, or moments: If it helps make the story better then go for it, I don't care, or if you feel like adding a little Terminator Nostalgia

Chapter Length: 5000 words per chapter would be appreciated, though its your call

RWBY/Civilization Beyond Earth Crossover Challenge


Name: Whatever you deem fit

Rating: T-M

A space colonization sponsor of your choice must travel and colonize a part of Remnant, am including colony sponsors from the Rising Tide Expansion Pack (Like Polystralia), Oceanic colony is also allowed (In Rising Tide, you can build a colony in the ocean)

Your people can choose any affinity (Harmony, Supremacy, or Purity)

Can even add Sid Mieres Starships so that the people approaching Remnant are at max Purity, Harmony, or Supremacy

Pairings: Any pairings allowed, such as Bumblebee, Arkos, White Rose, Ren/Nora (I don't know what people call this pairing), Ruby/Jaune, etc.

Chapter length: 5000 words per chapter please

Harry Potter/Halo Reach Crossover (Alternate Universe)


Name: Your choice

Rating: M (Blood, violence, language, etc.)

Alive Potters

Harry or Fem!Harry has a sibling declared the Child Who Lived (While Harry is the true cwl), Harry is sent to the Dursleys for "protection".

Harry/Fem!Harry must be abused until the age of six, accidental magic sends him/her to halo universe, planet Onyx (canon planet for Spartan III training)

Is offered choice to become a Spartan III by Chief Mendez, and Kurt Ambrose/051.

Harry/Fem!Harry must be made into Noble Six, follows Halo canon up to end of Halo Reach

Must be called back to Tri-wizard Tournament just before Noble Six's demise

Dumbledore and Potter family find out that Harry is the true Child Who Lived in his/her absence (Voldemort revealing it in Philosopher's Stone, or some other way)

Greater Good Dumb-ass-dore, Dumbles Bashing, Weasley Bashing, Potter Bashing


Harry/Fem!Harry Pairings allowed: Harry/OC Female Noble Seven (or Fem!Harry/OC Male Noble Seven), Harry/Fleur, Harry/Tonks, Fem!Harry/Cedric (If you feel like killing off Cho, or keep Cedric single throughout the AU), Fem!Harry/Krum (Well why not?), Harry or Fem!Harry/OC

Harry/Harem or Harry/Multi (Like Harry/Hermione/Luna) is allowed, I don't really care

(Optional) Harry's familiar: Can be any creature that is light, grey, or dark, multi familiar's allowed, can be a creature of your own design and origin

(Optional) Small Covenant attack (Only if you really feel like it): Since the Goblet of Fire dragged Harry/Fem!Harry back to the Wizarding World there could be a possibility that it also took some of the Covenant trying to kill Harry with him/her

Master of Death Harry: throughout the story, Harry may receive the Deathly Hallows

Chapters containing at least 4000, or 5000 words


Slash: I can only tolerate it to a very certain level, and I don't feel like reading a slash fic

Horcrux Harry: Since Harry's magic fought hard to relocate him to the Halo Universe, his magic had destroyed the unintentional horcrux in the process

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts/RWBY Crossover (Either mostly canon, or AU, it's your choice)


Name can be anything.

Rating: M (Blood, Gore, Language, etc.)

British Forces are sent to Remnant via an anomaly.

British forces can be a division of 3rd army led by Major Blackmore, and Captain Cutting, or a group of WW2 British Commandos,

British Force encounters a Faunus Village under attack by Grimm, British Force moves in, eliminates Grimm, helps to try and rebuild the village.

British Force sets up main base of operations in Village with approval of villagers

For British Commandos (if you feel like focusing on just 4 people), they are sent to Remnant in an anomaly while they are in a Glider being dropped behind German lines

Commandos Land in Emerald Forest during Initiation in Volume 1, or during any of the three Volumes

4 Commandos must become students in Beacon

Pairings of any type allowed, examples are Whiterose (Ruby/Weiss), Bumblebee (Yang/Blake), Ladybug (Blake/Ruby), Arkos (Jaune/Pyrrha), OC/Glynda, etc.


British Force helps train faunus villagers on how to defend themselves

British Force helps faunus build weapons, and armor (If possible)

British Force sent to Remnant has weapons and supplies needed to build defences

OC Team: OC team can be your own design, but I kind want these 4 units from Company of Heroes sent to Beacon: British (Or Royal Canadian Rifle) Infantry Unit armed with Scoped Lee Enfield, Scottish Sapper armed with Piat AT Weapon, and anti-infantry Rifle, Commando armed with Bren LMG, Officer armed with Sten SMG, or Sterling Machine Carbine

Slang Words: I love the way the British, Irish, and Scottish speak, and if I read a RWBY Story with British Slang words, then that will definitely help make my day, I would also appreciate it if you gave one or more of the OC team members a British, Irish, or Scottish Accent

Faunus OC: If you want one or more Faunus OC, or Halfbreed in this fic, then go ahead

Mad Max (the video game, or movie)/RWBY Crossover (AU, Canon, Both, whichever is fine)


Max must be a native of Remnant

Max must be around his canon age from whatever movie (In first Mad Max he is around 23), or similar, can be offered teaching position in Beacon (or can be made a student if you want to make him younger)

Max's family must be killed off in some way (White Fang attack, Grimm attack, etc.), family can either be his wife and kid(s) from canon, or can be OC parents and siblings (It is never mentioned who his parents were, or if he had siblings)

Max must live outside the kingdoms until (whoever decides to write this) decided to come to Beacon

Max needs a car, preferably the Magnum Opus or his V8 Interceptor (well what kind of crossover is this without his car?!), can be upgraded to max, any car body allowed and color (If you choose Magnum Opus

Max must be a protector of Faunus villages outside the kingdoms, targets bandits, and White Fang terrorists, lives up to his 'Road Warrior' reputation

Max can have any upgrades from the game

Can enter Max in any of the three volumes, pre volumes, or post volumes


Semblance: For Max's semblance I recommend the Max Fury ability, though you can do whatever you like

Pairings: Well we can't leave Max alone forever can we (Even though he prefers it, I for one feel like someone needs to ship him with someone else)? He can be paired with anyone nearing his age, but I recommend Max/Winter, Max/Glynda, Max/OC, (or some other female character near his age) or if you want to make him younger, Max/Velvet, Max/Yang, Max/Weiss, Max/Blake, or Max/Coco


Chumbucket: Even though the little guy is well... fanatical over Magnum Opus... in my opinion he still made a pretty good companion in the game, so why not show him in this fic... (WARNING, SPOILER) despite the fact he ditched Max to keep the Opus alive

War Boy faction: the main villains in the Mad Max Universe do deserve a spotlight in a fic like this, why not bring them in?

Alternate Challenge:

Max can be brought from his universe to RWBY's

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