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Hi – I'm fairly new here. I love zootropolis or Zootopia and the show impractical Jokers.

I'm always open to ideas as I do struggle and I appreciate that you are checking out my profile. I would like to apologise for the amount of errors in "dance class" as I used to copy and paste my work from word until they brought out the writing feature on the app. I would also love today thank you to all my readers, I know there may not be many but still I thank you.

  • Some facts that you might like to know..

  • I am female

  • I am quite young,still in secondary school

  • I love video games

  • I love music and can play several instruments

  • I love sports and I have done martial arts for four years

  • I made this account for reading and to help improve my SPaG (spelling punctuation and grammar)

  • I am very loud and out going

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