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Welcome to my world! Muhahahahaha!

Well my name is Trinity and I am 14 years old, and I'm a girl. Duh please. I LOOOOOVVVVEEE readingFanfic and I sometimes like too write ittoo. I suck (or atleast I think) at writing other characters that are not my own. They always come out so OOC. Imostly writeoriginal fiction and poetry. I think that's easier. I greatly admire all of you fanfiction writers who can actually make the character sound good.Its much harder than I thought. LOL. Sadly(or so my bff says)most of my stuff is angsty and depressing. LOL Well that's the way I like it. I got so sick of angsty romance fics cause most of them turned out to be SO Mary Sue. And also I am not into slash. Just curious but how come so many girls like it so much? Wouldn't you rather your favorite character liked you instead of some other character? Just wondering.

Ok, so you know my name and age but here's a bit more about me.

I live in the loverly Land of Liberty, The Great American Melting Pot, and all those other names I can't think of right now. If you haven't already guessed it's the U.S.

I love too many movies to count. Here's a few: Newsies (Oh yea baby, I'm one of the Newsies Freaks), Chocolat (Don't you just love Johnny Depp in this movie?), October Sky (not everybody knows this one but it's a great movie), and also my new found love and obbsession The Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Though I have loved the books my whole life).

My favorite bands are: Superchick (they are a Christian band so not many people have heard of them but their music is in so many movies that most people have heard them), Evanescence (Yeah, everybody knows who they are), and Blindside (another Christian band from Sweden...I saw their concert once when I was 11 and the guitarist gave me a high 5 and the singer shook my hand twice. I even got thier guitar pick. It was awsome!).

My favorite foods are pizza and french fries with Ranch dressing. I'm a Ranch dressing junkie. I eat it on EVERYTHING...sometimes it grosses my friends and family out.

My Newsie name is Sketch.

I am commonly found shopping with my family at wal-mart, and I'll be easy to spotbecause I will have my M-robe on and I'll be dancing and singing down the isles. It's so much fun to do this. It feels like the world is one big musical. The only drawback is that sometimes you get looked at funny. Hee hee.

I sing, draw, airbrush, play keyboard (ok, so I'm learning), write, and lately I have taken some really good photos. I know what your thinking: Surely with all of that talent (:P)she must be a great baseball player, right? No! I have no athletic skills at all.

Little known fact about me: I am a vegetarian. Well actually I eat fish, deer, and free range, no hormone, antibiotic free, meat.

Another little known fact: I own an arizona mountain kingsnake.

One more: I learned to read when I was 3.

Wow I got a bit carried away on this whole profile thingy! Ok well here's my story list...

My Unfinished Stories:

Caps' Story(Well it is sorta finished inMy Documentsbut I am rewritting it.)

My Finished Stories:

The Weirdest Degrassi Dream Ever

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