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SISTERS (Sequel to "Brothers")

Synopsis: Crown Princess Wilhelmina has been through high ups and low downs (literally) all her life, despite having loving parents and (more or less) supporting siblings. The few boys she dated only wanted her money, or her crown (except for one, but details). But Willow heard the stories: her grandparents and her parents found love in a Selection. Why not her?

Pinterest board: https: // www. pinterest. ch /AbizeauAuthor/ff-sisters/ (without the spaces)

Character Guide FlipBook: https: // online. fliphtml5. com /jsnqb/auik/ (without spaces)



1. I am opening this story to only 16 spots (0 left as of now). I know I used to open up more spots in the past, but that means less screen time for your OCs. BUT this time it’s not first come, first serve… send me a short description of your OC idea before reserving a spot! I need to know if your guy will fit in well in the story ;) THEN I’ll send you the form.

2. Speaking of screen time: when you submit an OC, you thereby accept that your OC can become a “main” character, or a supporting character (but not a throwaway! Even though most of them will be eliminated by the end of the story, but you know the Selection concept…)

3. When you submit an OC, you also thereby completely surrender your OC to me. I can do whatever is needed for the story, though I may ask you to give your input for this or that during the story (I still want this to be interactive ;) )

4. When you decide to submit, please review from time to time (yes, even if you’re active on the Discord Chat…), so I know you’re still reading. I don’t want to write your OC if you’re just going to disappear from me (though I know real life happens, so please, if anything is going on and you won’t be able to follow for some time, let me know!). If you decide to stop reading for a reason or another, please let me know, as well.

5. The first part (Brothers) was full of fluff and fun. Not this one. There will be some darker things going on, such as self-hate, self-harm, self-depreciation, bullying, mental illness, death, and suicide attempts, and so on (only not too in-depth, but it will be there…). If you are not comfortable with this, please let me know, or do not send in an OC or read. That’s why the story is rated M.

6. Concerning your OCs: The form is quite long, but all the questions are relevant to the story! So thank you for taking the time to fill it (though please do not exceed 10k words)! I really want a diverse cast of Selected. Don’t forget to give them flaws, secrets, reasons, and so on! They need to be as much 3D as possible, so I can write them as best I can. (also, I'm hoping for at least 1 or 2 plus-size guys, because I don't want the princess to be the only one plus-size! ;) )

7. And lastly, please remember this is only fanfiction… there will be some typos here and there, I have a life outside of this, and I’m trying to work on my original book, as well. But we’re all here to have “fun”, and I believe in kindness and polite constructive criticism on the Internet. I’m always available through PMs here, or through Discord for those on Discord ;)



Aidyn Teho Song, 25, Fashion Designer, Waverly – The FLIRT[FC: Kim Hongjoong] ~ by Sylëa

Archer Alexander Niu, 24, Chief Operating Officer of his father's company, Allens – The ASSHOLE [FC: Yuan Bo] ~ by Frenchie is French

Callan "Cal" Aurum Vanidestine, 26, Bartender, Carolina – The BLIND[FC: Adrien Sahores] ~ by Logan McDonnell

Domenico Montero, 26, Club Owner and bona fide Celebrity, Sonage – The MURDERER[FC: Joseph Morgan] ~ by HippieSunshine

Easton Alexander Diverne, 27, Actor & Model, Tammins – The DAD[FC: Blake Micheal] ~ by Logan McDonnell

Fredrik Jan Skarsgård, 23, Spare Prince of Swendway, Swendway – The PRINCE[Kit Bulter] ~ by The Sweater-Sloth

Haakon Prospero Thornton, 26, Live Theatre Actor, Bankston – The STAR-CROSSED[FC: Dylan Verlooy] ~ by The Pocketwacth Ripper

Hayes V. Lee, 27, Homicide Detective, Clermont – The WORKAHOLIC[FC: Woo Do Hwan] ~ by Wondy-SW

Henry Davis Laurier, 23, Baker, Hansport – The BAKER[FC: Charles Michael Davis] ~ by London Fog Latte

Jaylen "Jay" Jackson, 25, Psychologist and Mental Illness researcher, Kent – The MYSTERY[FC: will be revealed later] ~ by Slytherwitch

Julian Alistair Monroe, 25, Intern in South African Embassy, Fennley – The EX-BOYFRIEND[FC: Nico Greetham] ~ by Fairysecret01

Lysander "Ly" John Jefferson, 26, Author of Fantasy Novels, Baffin – The NOVELIST[FC: Dacre Montgomery] ~ by Calvin Hobbes Gatsby

Mikhail "Mikey" Thomas Parker, 24, Bouncer and part-time Palace Security, Angeles – The BEST FRIEND[FC: Max Kreiger] ~ by The Pocketwatch Ripper

Pierce Abram Yarborough, 27, Professional Adventurer and TV Star, Yukon – The ADVENTURER[FC: Dev Patel] ~ by HippieSunshine

Weston Mitchell _, 26, job-to-be-revealed-later, Belcourt – The VALET [FC: Jordan Fisher] ~ by comosayllama

Xander Rafael Sullivan, 27, Guitarist/Singer in the Akoustix band, Labrador – The TEDDY BEAR[FC: Noah Guthrie] ~ by Abizeau (me)



According to the map on the Pinterest Board (moodboard . other), there are 5 big powers in Europe:

1. SWENDWAY (pink): there is one King ruling over 5 nations (Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway) which are all represented by one Duke. The Royal Family lives in Oslo – Illéa is currently working on an alliance with them.

2. THE FIFTH REICH OF GERMANY (green): the current leader is the grandson of a self-proclaimed King (aka: dictator) who decided that Germany was too weak and needed its former glory again. He broadened his borders (as you can see, he gobbled up several countries around him). They are a strong military nation and they’ve been trying to get back Denmark for some time, now. – Illéa and Germany are neutral for now, but Germany can either turn out to be a powerful Ally or a dangerous Enemy.

3. THE POLISH COALITION (yellow): when the King of Poland saw what was happening with Germany, he decided there was no way they get past him to Eastern Europe. But he needed others by his side to create this impenetrable wall (Czech Rep., Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosn. Herz., Serbia, Alania, Macedoine, Montenegro, Kosovo; Greece wasn’t interested). They’re all still different countries, just a powerful alliance – Neutral with Illéa.

4. THE SOUTHERN ALLIANCE (teal/blue): They’re all still different countries, just allied.
- FRANCE: Monarchy; Their borders at the north are strained because Germany is not an easy neighbor… – Illéa has strong ties and an alliance with them, since Prince Ezekiel of Illéa is engaged to the crown princess of France, and princess Sybil Schreave (the queen mother’s sister) married a De Montignac Duke for an alliance in the past.
- ITALY: Constitutional Monarchy; The north-eastern part has common borders with Germany, but Italy is backing up the Swiss President in her effort to hold off Germany because once they’re in Switzerland, it’s only a matter of time before they get past the Alps in into Italy. – Polite neutrality with Illéa, they meet at world summits.
- SWITZERLAND: Confederate Presidency; the President is backed up by France and Italy because they want to keep this “neutral ground” in the center of Europe. – Polite neutrality with Illéa; the Illéan royal family has come to the Swiss Alps for some winter vacations in the past (and the other way around, as well)
- SPAIN: Monarchy; They’re far from the central European turmoil, but they have a very strong navy fleet (the strongest in Europe). They are not afraid to use it to help France or Italy. – Neutrality for now with Illéa, but King Silas wouldn’t be against having them as allied (especially considering their strong navy forces).
- PORTUGAL: Constitutional Monarchy; same as Spain, but their military force is not very strong. The Prime Minister and his war chiefs are willing to lend a hand if needed. – Polite neutrality with Illéa.

5. NEW ENGLAND (purple): Monarchy; Northern/Southern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England have all united under a single flag but it is still relatively new (Scotland was the last to join only 20 year prior) and feeble. They have enough internal problems to really take part into the instability of the Mainland (and with the Brexit that happened 3 centuries ago, they haven’t considered themselves “European” for some time…). – Long-time blood ties and alliance with Illéa (they were actually the first alliance in Europe with Illéa almost 200 years ago).

Pinterest: AbizeauAuthor

Instagram: @aestheticcharacters


Alexander "Alex" Logan Devinport – 23 – TWO – Marine Sergeant – from Columbia – Man
[FC: Noah Centineo] ~ “Knives Among Roses” by bastardmanjack

Arthur Steward – 27 – Rebel – from Vanir – Man
[FC: Alexander Ludwig] ~ “Silent Ashes” by Morethanjustastory

Asher "Ash" Rowen Coulter – 21 – TWO – A-list Actor – from Fennley – Man
[FC: Lucas Jade Zumann] ~ “Fool’s Gold” by rysarium

Atticus Anderson – 21 – TWO – College Student – from Yukon – Man
[FC: Otto Seppalainen] ~ “Knives Among Roses” by basterdmanjack

Ayleth Thea Bennet – 21 – MIDDLE-CLASS – Daughter of Captain – From Vanir – Woman
[FC: Astrid Berges-Frisbey] ~ “Silent Ashes” by Morethanjustastory

Isabelle Wilhelmina Greene – 23 – Event Planner – from Allens – Woman
[FC: Héloïse Martin] ~ “Quarantined” by Ruby Casablanca

Jaxon "Jax" Raze – 20 – UPPER CLASSE – Nano-Tech Student – from Surashi – Man
[FC: Thomas McDonnell] ~ “In Darkest Light” by Doctor Kay Strange

Joyce Meredeth Williams – 19 – TWO – Daughter of Governor – from London – Woman
[FC: Mariah Ehrich] ~ “Devil Of The Sea” by Headless Gummy Bear

Lou (Xari Ellis) – 18 – Leader – Woman
[Ayana Lewis] ~ "Les Murs En Vous" by LoganMcDonnell

Nathaniel Liam Wilson – 23 – Sailing Instructor – from Clermont – Man
[FC: Roy Van Leewen] ~ “The Game Of A Marriage” by Fairysecret01

Opal Greer McIntyre – 21 – SEVEN – Online College Student, Cashier, Laundromat – from Hansport – Woman
[FC: Jannel Parrish] ~ “The Kingdom In Exile” by izar ilunak

Thaddeus "Tex" Jacob Lands – 22 – College Student, Chemistry Intern – from Yukon – Man
[FC: Jarod Joseph] ~ “The Game Of A Marriage” by Fairysecret01

About me:

29 years old, married, Twin Mama, Swiss, bookworm, and washi tape hoarder (415 washitapes as of now...)

likes: Jesus, my kids, writing, drawing, Salted butter Caramels, Green, Irish music, weddings, dresses, my husband (although it's more "love" than "like"...;) )

dislikes: rainy days, house cleaning, car accidents, headaches.

Currently working on:


'The Selection', Male SYOC: Sisters (sequel to Brothers) – new chapter when I'll have the energy/motivation to write '

'Anne with an E': It Remains To Be Seen – (updates more or less once a month – HIATUS (sorry))


- "Eleswell: the Eldorado" book 1. It's a NA Dystopian Trilogy with environmental issues. Draft 1 done; With Betas Now.

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