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I have loved Anne of Green Gables since it was first gifted to me for my 13th birthday. I started reading fan fiction on long train commutes and was very quickly hooked. I longed to write stories like all the clever writers here.

Some of these clever writers I'm now lucky enough to call a friend and they have been so very encouraging that I have publilshed a few short pieces, but I struggle to get past a few chapters. I can write an idea but a whole story arc feels like its beyond me. And I get very very VERY scared that I'll make a complete * of myself so find all sorts of reasons not to write.


I know many of you hate unfinished stories so I'm working on finsihing mine. Its hard for me, which feels like apathetic thing to say but putting myself out there feels huge, but I'm determined to do it. I will start by finishing Royal Correspondent over the next few months. Then, when I've done that I will finsih Fairytale Magic. I've already plotted out where its going so I 'just' have to write it. I'm hoping to get both done this year but I think its likely to slip into the following year.

Once I've done thoese, who knows!

I'm grateful for the support I've received and for the friendships I've made. I promise I will finish what I started. Eventually.


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