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I haven't abandoned writing!!!!!!

Hopefully people still remember me haha... ; I'm working on Vampire Hunter and Thousand Year Love Story, so stay tuned for updates! I've just been suffering from major writer's block trying to get back into the game... I've updated Vampire Hunter with Chapter 18, and I'll be back with the next chapter soon!

EDIT: I told you! ;) Thousand Year Love Story has been updated with Chapter 5!

(July 2012)

A Little About Me:

Name: Lina

Fave Books: Harry Potter, Shopaholic series

Hates: MarySue/GaryStu, spelling/grammar mistakes, serious nettalk ( i.e. lik omg hes sucha loser. c u l8er.)

Speaks: English, Korean, Japanese


Story Status - 2 oneshots, 2 complete, 3 in progress, 2 Dream Novela

In the Shoes of a Shopaholic - loosely based on the Shopaholic series... and it's officially complete! There is a oneshot (Shopaholic's Craving) and a sequel (Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle) after this one... (Update: I went through all the chapters and edited mistakes.) Shopaholic's Craving (the oneshot) has been moved into this story.

Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle - Sequel to the above! In this fic, Sakura must learn to grow up, and resist the temptations of that perfect item... Because she's getting married, and Syaoran is never pleased with her spending... well, it's Sakura, bridal registries, work, parties, you know?... COMPLETE, right on the one-year mark!

My Boyfriend Knows I'm a Virgin - Oneshot... fluffy, cute story about Sakura trying to level up her relationship with Syaoran!

Vampire Hunter - My attempt to break out of my love comedy writing style... And now my first "M" rated fic (and most successful :)). A futuristic vampire story, where Sakura and Syaoran are the top Vampire Hunters of an agency called the "Barastelle..." until they are faced with a very unfortunate incident. The chapters are currently being editted to suit the new M rating. In-progress.

Thousand Year Love Story «千年戀物語 - First third-person perspective story, set in the feudal era. Syaoran is a deadly assassin who only cares about Sakura in this world. But when the peace of the Heian Period comes to a close, he is faced with challenges and choices that may determine if he will be able to protect Sakura or not... Rated M for violence, and probable sexual themes in later chapters. In-progress.

Aim for Total Control! « 完全のコントロールを狙え! - 'Tis a yakuza story XD Syaoran and Sakura are from the most feared yakuza clans of the country, and they transfer to Tomoeda High for their senior year to try and graduate peacefully... But things don't turn out quite right for them when they meet Eriol, the son of the chief of the Tokyo Police Dpt... Love comedy, finally :D will be very light-hearted... In-progress. Might scrap it.

Starless Night - A Dream Novel from me (credited as "Lina")! For those of you who don't know what a dream novel is... basically YOU become the designated character, and it's a bit cliched and mary-sue and all that fun. But that's the whole fun XD I've always had a guilty pleasure for WRITING Mary-Sues, even though I despise stories with them in fanfiction. You kind of understand? XD This is a Vampire Knight dream novel, involving love with Kiryuu Zero :) Have fun! I had tons of it while writing XD Rating: Teen

Promise - Another Dream Novel (see above) from a whilllle back when I created the first one. This one's involving Kyoya Ohtori and YOU. Pretty damn cliched, obviously ;) Rating: Teen


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