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34 years old.

I love to give ideas to people. I'm just not very good at doing that to my own stories. I like interactive reviews. People who ask questions for their stories. I like to help spread ideas to stories not come up with stories on my own.

Sorry I have not updated my stories. Real life is getting in the way of my muse. I have an outline and I will be updating in the distant future. I have to get reality right before I can jump into fantasy. Bare with me please. Much thanks.

I love all HP fanfic stories. With the exception of graphic rape stories.
Rape can be mentioned to set the plot though.
Love stories with Harry embracing his Slytherin side. Especially if it's against Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny, and sometimes Hermione.
I love it when Hermione goes bad with Harry.

Love the vengeful Harry. :-)
I love Dark/Evil!Harry fics.
Slytherin!Harry is just delicious.
Any rebellious!Harry fics are just devine.
Any stories with MPreg I just simply love. Unless it's someone like Hagrid or Dumbledore. (Shudders at the thought.)

I love Charmed/HP Crossovers (But only if they stay more in HP verse)
I love Angel/HP Crossovers (But only if they stay more in HP verse)
I love Twilight/HP Crossovers (Either verse is fine)

Favorite Pairings

-Lucius/Harry (Only when Lucius is semi OOC) (Not evil just Slytherin) :o)
-Harry/Neville (I know, I know not very likely but I like them anyway)
-Severus/Ginny (Not common I know but I like them nonetheless)
-Fred/George (Twincest yummy!)
-Severus/Ron (Off the wall I know. But I like it)
-Severus/Bill or Charlie (Not very popular but I like them)
-Remus/Lucius (I haven't read any but the pair intrigues me)

Pairings That Are Okay (If done right)


Charmed Crossovers

-Leo/Harry (few and far between but I like my imagination)

Favorite Trios

Ron/Harry/Hermione (Of course)(Only when they release their inner Slytherin)
Fred/Severus/George (I Just love the twins)
Lucius/Harry/Severus (Yum)
Lucius/Harry/Draco (Mmm)
Lucius/Hermione/Severus (What can I say? I like Gryffindors with Slytherins)
Ron/Harry/Draco (not common but good)

Unfavorite Pairings

Remus/Sirius (They’re not an unfavorite but some of the stories I’ve read so far are not very good.)

Any with Minerva, Hagrid, Filch or Dumbledore. That's just nasty. They can be mentioned briefly (except Hagrid and Filch) but that's it.

Anyone with stories like that can email me with the link. Appreciation in advance.

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