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Just added a new ficlet, called Tea For Two. Not really much of a plot but I did it in an amazingly short space of time. ^_^;;

(1/14/2011) I just heard last night that there is now a thirteenth zodiac sign and now I have been bumped back to Libra. First they get rid of Pluto as a planet and now this. *sigh* All I have to say about this is: WHATEVER. I was born under the sign of Scorpio and that is what I shall be until I die. Lol. I know, this whole zodiac thing is quite ridiculous and should only be for entertainment purposes. But in true Scorpio fashion I detest change so therefore, I am a Scorpio!!!!

(July 9, 2011) In the throes of True Bloodism. Team Eric all the way, baby!!!!!! ^_^ Planning to do Southern Vampire Mysteries fic some time in the future. It will be from the actual book storyline and not the True Blood t.v. show. Still planning to do a Saiunkoku Monogatari fic as well... but the SVM have me SERIOUSLY sidetracked. Or rather... Eric Northman has. I simply cannot stop fantasizing about that hot Viking vamp. ^_^;;; And Alexander Skarsgard is not doing anything to help! It should be a crime for him to look as delicious as he does.

November 28, 2011: I'm not planning to do a True Blood fic after all. I've lost the drive to undertake that task. :( I've been having a time working on The Past: Revisited. The plot is working itself out little by laborious little and the characters are being stubborn. *sigh* Maybe next time I'll just write out a whole fic BEFORE I post it.

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