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OKAY OKAY OKAY- Nothing to see here. LOL.

Just kidding hahah

Anyways... I'm Chae. Hi there!

I love Harry Potter, PJO, the MCU (WHO DOESN'T?? lol), Maximum Ride, the Game of Thrones books and series (S8 is an exception), Witcher (still new huuuu), the CHERNOBYL miniseries (actually am fascinated by the real thing since youth hahah), *memes, Carrie, Naruto and LIFE IS STRANGE

(actually there's soooo much more but I just can't list them all HAHAHAHAHA)

I listen to Joji, Paramore, Queen, MCRX, P!ATD, Florence and The Machine, Angus Julia Stone, Broods, CHVRCHES, Syd Matters, Brody Dalle/The Distillers, HELLA KPOP COS KPOP IS LOVE, LANY, lots of 60s-80s bands and singers and mostly indie

I write stuff from fanfics, songs and stuff to original stories (mostly historical fiction). I also draw things, and am a 3D artist!

Here are my fics (so far)

in the arms of pripyat (the only home i know) (COMPLETE) (ONESHOT)

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