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Welcome to casui's page

Age: 17 as of 2010

Gender: Female

Aspirations: Possible Graphic Designer, Psychologist or Psychiatrist (haven't really decided), to become fluent in Japanese, an author, to get into my top choice for college and to obtain scholarships for talents I take pride in (such as my writing)

So, I haven't been on fanfiction in a while (those who read my stories are probably angrilly agreeing)

This is due to life in general. I'm currently preparing for college and my life has become more active than it was t the age of...11? (I believe that's the age I began writing fanfiction...let me see...6th grade? Yeah 10-11 would be right)

For those who read my stories, I'm sure you're used to my apologies by now and I'm sure you couldn't care less anymore about stories that haven't updated in years; Even so, I'd like to apologize with all my heart for keeping you waiting and for never replying and never living up to my word. However, I believe that apologies mean nothing until actions are performed, so if you were going to forgive me, just please hold back on that until my stories begin updating again.

My Fanfictions

Darkness beneath the soul- A drama Inuyasha fic. I had some pretty big ideas for this story, actually. It was my first fanfiction so I'm aware that it's bad. I'm not fixing it only b/c it's my first fic. But I'm a little embarrassed by it. I'm keeping it on my computer for my personal purposes and I apologize to the few readers that found entertainment in it.-Deleted

Lost Secrets- A mystery/comedy/angst/tradgedy fic. A Case Closed/Inuyasha fic. This was my first attempt at a collaborative fanfiction between different animes. Honestly, I tried to look for my notes for this story as to where it was going and couldn't fin any. So I'm assuming my (I was probably 12 or 13) did it on a whim and was making it up as I went along. Thus, since the fanfiction wasn't all that great and I couldn't see where it was really going I deleted it. I'm sorry for those who -Deleted

Feudal Karaoke- Second most popular fic. It's a Romance/Comedy/Action/Adventure/Poetry Inuyasha fanfic. I began writing this story when I first got on to fanfiction, so I was probably 11. The story seems a little silly and whenever I hear a song that was mentioned in the story, I can't listen to it anymore since it reminds me of the story and I feel embarrassed. I was going to end this fanfic, I actually still remember how it was supposed to end (in a very cheesy way) I was thinking of not deleting it since I was some people interested in it...but I'm honestly so embarrassed of it. So if someone really wants to know what happens, I suppose they can message me.-Deleted

Dear Dumb Diary Inuyasha Style-I read someone else's fanfic when I was 11 and was inspired to write a similar version. It was a really crappy story, I didn't really like the story when I wrote it and not too many people liked it so I just deleted it. So- yea. It's gone.- Deleted

Stars Don't Shine- AU. A Chrno Crusade story. It's about Chrono finally learning how to really live life and not let it pass him by. But how can he learn to live life when he has never had any real contact with the femine race, acts likes he'stolerant to friendship, and has one of the worst reputations in the whole school? It looks like someone is going to have to help him out. And Rosette may just be the right man to do it!- That's like a mini-summary of it. It sounds a bit confusing, but that's what usually makes it intresting, no?I started writing this story when I was 12 or 13 all the way to the present. My writing style has changed a lot over the years and this story shows how. Besides the fact that I actually like this story and others do as well, I'd keep it even if no one liked it since I can view my improvement as a writer. For those constantly waiting for me to update, I'm sorry and I shall finish this story even if it kills me (I'm being over dramatic by the way)-Currently writing chapter 23

The Letter- Rose Bud: Starfire finds a letter under her windowsill telling her to meet Red X alone in an alley. Meeting him there, she discovers his secret on accident but also uncovers way more when she gets to know the man behind the mask. Robin, being Star’s boyfriend is naturally suspicious when Star sometimes is delayed coming to missions. When he follows her one night, all chaos lets loose. Will relationships be lost or found? This story was supposed to become very interesting, but I didn't like how it was only based on romance, there wasn't really anything else in it. Also, the story's characters were a little O.O.C. This story isn't that popular and I probably won't keep writing it, unless theres a couple of people interested. -Discontinued

Dying Is Easy (D.I.E) The One-Shots Project: A collection of fanfics from several different animes that show that there are far worse things than death. I'm planning on making this into a C2 if enough fanfics are found to match the description. I currently have one story that is part of the collection. I'll be reading and looking for one-shots to add to the C2 once it is made (and if D.I.E is a sucsess at all).

Never Leaving You: AU. A Chrno Crusade One-Shot. Part of the D.I.E Project. It is a song-fic, though mostly just a regular one-shot with a storyline. It's a tragic love story about how Rosette's time is limited due to cancer and how Chrono stays by her side throughout the whole period. While he's with her, he discovers that there's much more to life than just to live and there are much worse things to experience that a re far greater than death. This is one of the few stories I'm really proud of, I can see the mistakes I made (darn it) but I really like this story a lot. I got the inspiration for this story from My Chemical Romance's song, Cancer. -Complete

-Hope you'll enjoy my stories!

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