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Author’s Note Month 1: On Input Username and 508 (SPOILER ALERT):

Salutations readers! Thank you for reading the story up to this point. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to make it this far. And I have to give special thanks to those that left reviews. They really help keep me going. But enough on that, you don’t read stories to hear about the authors. This will be a monthly author’s note, most likely, and this month, I’ll be going over how Input Username and 508 came to be.

Input Username is actually my New Year’s Resolution. Too many years I’ve said, “Oh I’ll write,” or “I enjoy writing,” and then I’d do nothing. So, I made a resolution to write and post something every day. The few rules of it were: 1. I have to start the daily writing before 2359, 2. It has to be 1 complete scene, 3. It must be posted before I go to sleep, and 4. There is no minimum length. That’s it. So, the first few days in the Mint were just world building. Just feeling out what to do, and I had been wanting to do an end of the world journal sort of story for some time. However, about day 10, I realized that I had been getting static, and realized I had left some strands to work with to evolve the story a bit. Ergo, Day 12 and Private 508. To be completely honest, some of these throwaway characters are quite fun to write, but then again, they’re only meant to be around for about 10 days, and then left behind. I chose to give 508 a number instead of a name because I feel as if by dehumanizing him in name, it developed the world a bit more, but also makes the reader have to see them for more than just their name, as they no longer have one. Makes them feel more human, by removing human aspects. Think I did an alright job on making him just enough of a prick though. Had a pretty good time writing him. Not a great guy, but I think is someone many of you probably emphasized with for a few days. Then again, how many of us are actually good people, all of the time?

Author’s Note Month 2: On Mr. Skink, Go, and Rot (SPOILER ALERT):

Good evening. It’s been a while since the last author’s note, but then again, it’s only been 28 days. Honestly, kind of proud of myself for not missing a daily update yet, but hopefully this doesn’t end up jinxing me. I’m glad y’all are enjoying the chapters, even if they weren’t as good for a little bit, a few days ago. That’s on me. Sorry.

So, Mr. Skink. He was so much god damn fun to write. He is shamelessly ripped off from Inglorious Bastards. Sue me. (Please don’t, this is a joke.) It’s been a month since I last wrote for him, but I had to be very careful with his word choice. Essentially, he always knows more than he should, and always lets people do what he wants them to do. Does that sound OP? Yeah, probably, but Mr. Skink deserves it. He really carried the entire second arc and showed what happens when the deuteragonists aren’t active. I call them deuteragonists, since even if Dove and Penny often show up without each other, there isn’t a story without them, being together. Don’t take that the wrong way. Long live Mr. Skink. Sorry you were in the shortest arc.

Now we look at Go and Rot, the primary ‘antagonists’ (not really) of the third arc. God, this arc dragged. That’s on me, as I really wasn’t feeling it on some days. Unfortunately, as most of you probably noticed, Rot got significantly more development than Go, and that’s primarily since Go is a parallel to Dove, so the two don’t really clash much. They’re meant to be really similar, and just adjusted to their situations differently. Meanwhile, Rot and the Rebel Boys are, well, technically what’s remaining of Atlas, but also a lot of what happened to be wrong with Atlas. If you’ve noticed a lot of WW2 parallels, you’re not wrong to see them. I’m a hack, and it’s easier to write from a base. Hell, most of the plot points I’m pulling nowadays are just things I mentioned off hand from previous days. Back onto point, Rot was much more developed, since he actually had stakes. It also gave Dove the chance to be active, which led to the first fight scenes, so I hope that went over well with y’all. Anyways, Rot didn’t exist until the day before I wrote him in, while Go existed for at least four days before. As did AU. Yes, their names are supposed to be puns to match a streetlight: Go(Green), AU(Yellow), and Rot(Red). Again, I’m unoriginal, and I found it funny. AU got a lot of its planned screen time cut, since I remembered that the scrolling text scenes are boring to both write and read. So, I sort of wrapped up the arc, and never bothered to go back on it. Hopefully it ended up with a better end than the previous two arcs, even if it got really lengthy and dragged near the end there. Yeah… Sorry. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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